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Hey BP, loving the new EPIC stuff right now especially disable info tracking which is awesome! Just had a couple things i cant seem to make work that are probably not too hard to do.


1) I can't seem to make the audio sample at the end of the game "Journey" work. It is supposed to play a song when you beat the game, but nothing happens. I put the sample in my samples folder. This sample can be found here: http://mameworld.info/mrdo/journey.html

Am I doing something wrong?


2) I noticed that the sound on Mortal Kombat 1 was much improved in the MAMEoX core (it used to be very quiet), however, Mortal Kombat 2, 3, and 3 Ultimate are still very quiet. This is not a major issue since I can just turn the volume on my system up, but I was wondering if there was any way to make the volume higher for these games in MAME.


3) My 128mb XBOX runs out of memory when trying to load Ray Storm. It is only short by less than 1mb. I have tried changing audio quality, video quality, and disabling sound, but it will not load. Is there something I can change in the virtual memory to make it load?

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1) works fine for me on latest build and think it made it into the new build...from memory the sample is 17 megs :(...it used to not play the sample on onlder builds


2) you can enable the dip switchs and turn up the sounds....you are playing them in CoinOPS core not midway core....so enable dipswitchs and turn them up....


3) yes go into vm.txt or vmhidef.txt and add the game in there...you can play with what it should be in advanced settings if you enable manual virtual memory...

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1) I have EPIC r7, which I thought was the newest. Anything I need to do other than adding it to the samples folder?

2) I checked, and all the dip switches are at full :(

3) Ok thanks, I will give it a try and post back if I figure it out, so it can help others.

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OK the new pack is being assembled....please ask for games on the new thread....




the first post will pin the games ill add...the pack is already 100s and 100s of games more....also how people want this released will be up for discussion....update to old one or full new build...

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Hey BP,


Just wondered if there is a fix for the controls on Jurrasic park.... The analoug works fine but the D-Pad only goes left and right and most cab runs from the D-Pad... Is there any way to add the up and down to the controls?


Thanks mate

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