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the issue has been here forever...all builds had this issue so swapping back to any build in the past would make no difference the now changed code was there from mameox days


thats strange because i used to use reignite r5 and it didn't do that then, only noticed the slow loading when i upgraded to inferno.

used to run fine through reignite, which at the time i don't think suported all those console games, which i never use for playing anyway.

i only use coinops for playing arcade games.

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yes its due to running larger catver.ini (if you put it back to r5 and rescanned the games it would return to same speed it is the catver.ini file and the amount of games not the xbes)..... each version gets larger delete all the names out this and it will run as it used to....im adding 1000s more games to catgories


nothing to do with the emu its due to the support files and documenation I just tagged all the games correctly the orig one had 50 games I now have over 2500 tiltes tagged....dont ever listen to people that dont know what they are talking about eg console cores or games causing slow load times....try this button and you will see cores have nothing to do with these issues. I am now well aware of the issue and everything that can be done to stop this and limit it...it would have got slower and slower with more roms and more correct catagories and if you taged everything correctly and added massive games you would have had the same issue.....from day one....


anyways if you have CoinOPS Inferno R2 this issue is fixed...and required fixing of org code to do it...you guys can discuss it anyway you want...I know the exactly the reasons behind this stuff now...


so no offense im moving forward....I am comfortble I understand the issue more than anyone else on the planet and have spent my time to fix it for you guys....just be pleased dballs spent an hour or two of his time to work with me and clean this issue up...



cheers dballs Im sorry people tell you quotes like ..... he just can't admit that its because he is launching all those other emulators.

it does pain me to see people that have no idea helping you....as you saw in 5mins or so I had nailed the issue on your xbox....I didnt guess I tested it properly and adjusted the code to proform tests for me....im sorry for this stuff you seemed really great , and helped considerably....you have seen first hand that I know what im talking about....I wish others would presume since I wrote alot of it I understand it better than they do....although common sense.....its missed at times.....it hurts you guys more than it hurts me....it never effected me or else I would have fixed it


Peace all lets move forward now.....its solved and I may tweak it a little in the future to offer a bit more stuff.....ill talk to dballs as I had some ideas about optomising this a little more to allow some of the features back again :) when tracking is disabled....plus ill change the name so it doesnt say slow Harddrives as people think they are fast and its just one part of the hdd process thats is slow....anyways enough on this from me.....its in hand

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I'm having a minor problem with Coinops Showroom full version and wondering if anyone can help. First, this is is running off of a 750 gb chipped box and was a fresh install. I added some roms and screenshots so I have a total of 1280 roms. I found that some games are not playing for me. They load but do not start for various reasons.


XMEN the load screen everything ok but 13b bad. ???


XEXEX says version error.


ULTRA X WEAPONS fatal error out of memory.


Thanks in advance for the help and also thanks for keeping this great emu alive.

Btw, still hoping someone out there can try to fix Brap boys. :)



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Btw, still hoping someone out there can try to fix Brap boys


Ask IQ, alot of the new games add'd to CoinOps is done by him, hes the shit (I mean shit in a good way :P )...(hes prob the reason why I keep updating this emu other wise I most likely wouldnt need to...

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This worked for me for X-Men


It works fine for me...so you there could be 2 issues I would guess


delete CoinOPS/nvram/xmen.nv and give it a go (its the non volitle memory and maybe its corupted)


or the rom is incorrrect...if you went to xtras team im aware of alot of issues with that build...


if you grabed the offical versions I just got 2-3 people to test it and its all good on CoinOPS_ShowROOM_X_XBOX-iND and CoinOPS_ShowROOM_X_LITE_XBOX-iND

sorry the other stuff is not tested well from what ive seen and has some issues....I need to know the exact version you have....but CoinOPS all builds will run that game just fine


Best of luck

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delete the ram file for xmen and xexe in the nv folder...some how your non voiltile memory got changed :P


I know grrrs ftp was causing issues and some small issues slipped out....if you update to CoinOPS Inferno over the top of this it will all go....


you will have to update bubble booble rom to the latest mame one though :)


PS the next upload will be sfv checked


But honestly its worth updating to CoinOPS Inferno anyways it owns ShowROOM just overwrite it and update bublbobl.zip :)

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I cant beleive what is happening to CoinOPS now it seems to be exploding in popularity.....the name is spreading alot and seems to now be number one talked about on mame sites....and true questions are really coming out....its fantastic people are really testing it to this point and I can see the time and attention to detail you guys are putting into your testing....


you guys should form a team and start adding etc and I will listen and fix everything up.....that needs it :P I cant do everything myslef but if you have a team thats organised ill work with you in sorting out all your issues :)


Its once again fanstatic now CoinOPS is getting fantastic reviews...and also fantastic feedback....other sites like xbox scene finally seem to be dieing and thanks to people for that I support the site but really it was just missinformation.....great to see everyone once again I look forward to more improvement in a timely manor :) right back to it guys





a while ago question was about midway games running in mame.72 yes im aware of this...these games dont run in the mameb6 core due to memory im about to remove all other drivers to free memory for these other games like rampage world tour :) im sure you know what that will mean

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I was the one asking about running more Midway games on previous builds. I see what you mean when you said the games were choppy with sound.. pretty much unplayable once I figured out how to set it in romstatus.


I've been trying to configure the screen size for console games and it appears that the screen size set when you hit Back and White is not remembered the next time you run the game. Also, in an attempt to set the screensize for all games for one system in a single shot, I edited the ini files for Mednafen (NES) and SNES (SNES9XBox) however it appears that the files are overwritten right before the games are launched, erasing my changes to them. Will I have to wait until the scaling options in Coinops apply to the other emulator cores?

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Okay, here's what I am trying to do. (I would have asked over MSN, but I don't see you online.)


I'm playing with Coinops on an HDTV. I've added some console games to Coinops and I want them to be displayed at a proper aspect ratio. As the FAQ says, the aspect ratio options (Pixel Perfect 1X, Scaled, Stretched, etc...) only work on Arcade games right now.


When I try to run a console game, say Super Mario World for SNES, it plays but the screen is stretched badly and isn't in its proper aspect ratio. When I hit Back and White, I get the option to resize the screen. I resize it to look correct, then hit back to go back to the game. The game then properly plays in the screen size I set it to.


If I quit Super Mario World and go back to the Coinops gamelist by hitting Back and Start together and then select Super Mario World again, the game again starts up in the stretched aspect ratio that it was in the first time. The screen size I set for that game or any other console game is not remembered (but it is for all arcade games).


Being able to set the screen size for individual games is great, but on consoles where most games used the exact same resolution, being able to set the screensize and aspect ratio for all games for that system is most important. No one wants to have to properly set the screensize manually each time they launch a console game.


All the Xport emulators allow you to set a universal screensize/aspect ratio for that console in the .ini file. Knowing this, I edited the .ini files for the emulators found in the saves directory within my Coinops directory in the hopes that I could set it manually, however it appears that the .ini file is overwritten with the default options including video size before a console game selected is launched, erasing my changes and again giving me stretched screens.


So, is there a way to set the default core resolutions and aspect ratios so that all my console games look correct within Coinops?


Thanks in advance.

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hmmmm maybe your right


if (videoFlags & XC_VIDEO_FLAGS_HDTV_720p)


if (m_nScreenMaxX <= 1000)


m_nScreenX = 32 ;

m_nScreenY = 18 ;

m_nScreenMaxX = 1216 ;// Ken Automattically setup for HD and SD

m_nScreenMaxY = 684 ;

doSaveIni() ;



else if (m_nScreenMaxX >= 800)


m_nScreenX = 16 ;

m_nScreenY = 12 ;

m_nScreenMaxX = 608 ;// Ken Automattically setup for HD and SD

m_nScreenMaxY = 456 ;

doSaveIni() ;



so in HD if the screen is below 1000 on the right side it will change it back to m_nScreenMaxX = 1216 is your ini lower than that? you could fool it by moving it to the right a bit so the right side is more than 1000 that will stop it going this looks like sd ill resize it....I can add pixel perfect pretty easy to Consoles and is on the list of things to do

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