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CoinOPS 2 (old dev site)


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Yeah, my INI had MaxX at 897, I believe. I went into SNES9xBox and told it to give me the proper SNES aspect ratio. Because the X was below 1000 though, I decided to find some better numbers and here's what I changed:










The INI is no longer being overwritten and it is properly centered on my screen. It's not a difficult change now that I know why the INI was being overwritten and I don't mind editing them for myself until you implement support for pixel perfect for console games.


I guess I'll make the ini files available to anyone that wants to do the same thing once I have them all done.


Thanks for the help, BP.

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Hi guys,


Longtime lurker, first time poster.

Thanks for all the hard work on this emu so far, BP, in terms of presentation and ease of use it's one of the best I've ever used.


I'm just wondering if there's a universal .dat file for CoinOPS, or otherwise if anyone has any ideas about ROM management in general? I could go through all of my existing roms and rename them to fit CoinOPS convention, but if I could build a customised set with RomCenter or something similar that would be very helpful, and a huge timesaver.


Thanks again.

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I was wondering if anyone has tried to play Raiden 2 on Coinops. I added it to the games list, it loads but does not let you add coins. This is a great shooter to have added. Thanks again for all the help. Btw, I deleted those files and Xmen and Xexex now work great.



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ON a side note CoinOPS tracking data shows that CoinOPS is the number one tracking topic on Rx xtras site thats funny as :P and no more waal for a while at least....I hope he comes back and learns a little...this is the first time ive seen this stuff and never wanted.......why do people really want to push the boundries so far....but it should be alittle less cluttered with stuff now...also alot of my posts where to waal and his posts are gone so it may look a little wierd...ill post about above topics when I get back from work

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also preping a new pack bonus pack....in the next few days to help people out....and in preperation for the ShowROOM thats is in the works.....did anyone say mass Consoles and Mass Arcades in one GUI....everybody say yeahhhhhhhh it will be great to have it in that state then.....it just needs to play videos pictures and music I think is missing

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Hey BP!


Almost have the first round of Must Have N64 games tested and shipped off to you for fixing. Look for it in the next few days.


Also, as I was messing around with CoinOPS I thought of a couple features that might be cool:


1. A sorting option that shows recently added games


2. A screen saver that actually runs games randomly (or maybe only from the Favorites list) for a few minutes, exits, and then loads another... obviously only the demo modes would play, but I think that's pretty cool. I saw this feature on GameEx that I used to use for my PC. It was a nice feature to have.



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BritneysPAIRS is there any chance that you could fix the non-compatibility of USB arcade sticks when using a usb to xbox adapter?


I got a SFIV TE stick and it's killing me that i can't use it on teh original xbox :P


When the emu loads i see the stick 360 logo light up for a couple of seconds but that's it...


Thanks :]

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