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so now that this program has new cores like psx and n64 does that mean that you can play PSX games that wouldnt work on pcsxbox or is it the same? im very confused. Does inferno have better or the same compatibility as pcsxbox? I havent been on the forums here in a while and there is a lot of new stuff.

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ok spent night on msn with dballs and looked at slow load times issues :) he should report back I hope how to fix it and maybe what causes it



nice to see whn its done right its not to hard to track down the solution.....please guys how many lessons do people need if you want help ask and spend the time to help me help you and it will be sorted.....im sorry I cant do this stuff without that help from you.....cheers dballs done right and fixed after months and months of the rubbish ive heard with everyone an expert and no one doing the one thig I said 100 times come and see me and we will fix in in an hour or 2


sorry for being mum like but this stuff gets to me.....hours and hours of wasted time when the solution is not as hard as the community is making it....in these rare situations it pays to sit back and listen in the long run although you think you know whats going on and can solve it, it sometimes pays to sit back reliase you have no idea your helpers have no idea and actually the aurthor can code even when others say he cant....its clear to see that one approach works and one fails....going down the one that clearly fails doesnt fail me just the community....its up to you guys :) peace and hopefull this stuff can be sorted in hours next time instad of months....as I say if I saw it, it would have been fixed


rant :)

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Hey BP,


Still loving Inferno... little update for you....


a few of the N64 games playing almost flawlessly, however i aint got goldeneye running (yet) :)


PSX games are also running nicely, Im trying less demading games at the moment...


I tried PSX MK4, that plays extremely well ! Gran Turismo runs about 3x the speed and is like its in fast forward, (tried it on PCSX21 and its the same even when i apply the speed fix)


I need to test Resident evil games too... (got them from a disk uploaded on UG so ill rip the games out)


I have a couple of hundred psx games (all originals) i need to rip to ISO. I just wondered if it would ever be possible to play the actual PSX CD's?


(would save a lot of time testing games) lol


anyway more feedback soon !



Inferno is the best yet !!!!! I cant wait for a new GUI or The addition of FTP if possible :)

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