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I think neo-geo cd would be a good one to add if possible. It seems to be unmaintained for a long time and it is supposedly a hack off an older build to launch from hdd. The rom list will only display 10 images at a time. I am pretty sure the sources are available at the usual places. What I dont know is if it supports custom parameters or command line launching. Scratch that just browsed the readme. No mention of either. Guess if you wanted to do it you would have to work that out. It is based on sdl.


Found this


Exclusive games


While the Neo Geo CD library consisted primarily of ports of MVS and AES titles, there were a few MVS arcade games which were not officially released for the Neo Geo AES and ported instead to the Neo Geo CD. This includes Puzzle Bobble, Janshin Densetsu (a Mahjong game also released for the PC Engine), Power Spike II, Neo Driftout and Futsal - 5-on-5 Mini Soccer.


A few games which were unreleased in MVS and AES formats were also released exclusively for the Neo Geo CD. These includes Ironclad, Crossed Swords 2, Oshidashi Zentrix, ADK World, Neo Geo CD Special, The King of Fighters '96 Neo Collection and Shinsetsu Samurai Spirits Bushidō Retsuden (an RPG spinoff of the Samurai Shodown series that also released for the PlayStation and Sega Saturn). Idol Mahjong Final Romance II, an arcade game which was not an MVS game, was also ported to the Neo Geo CD.


more info about it here




might even find a game or 2 that dont run on the cart version of the system that run on cd. You never know.

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cant see any reason for neogeo cd at present...not enough bang for buck...


I need lists of C64, N64 and Xbox and PSX games in xbox format...if anyone gives me a full lot ill add them if not it will be hit and miss really....ill add anything for the new showroom that I want but it may not be what everyone wants :)

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I got N64 covered. Will put on FTP.


About C64 : you want a full list ??? (+/- 20000 entries)

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Ok, prepping a list for C64.

I was already playing through my games to get a "best of".

Now I'm having the kids shred my original list to shreds,

so only the really "best of, also if you didn't own this system in real life" stays,

which isn't very many games.

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Yeah, 1000 Console games is pretty good. As long as they're all top notch ones (Zelda, Metroid, Mario, Sonic, etc...) and the obscure greats that people don't know they're missing <_<


Really looking forward to the update!


Any word on the videos being streamed from a SAMBA drive? My HDD in my Xbox is not big enough to hold all the AWESOME videos so I've got just the screenshots showing now.


Thanks BP!



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