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  1. I think neo-geo cd would be a good one to add if possible. It seems to be unmaintained for a long time and it is supposedly a hack off an older build to launch from hdd. The rom list will only display 10 images at a time. I am pretty sure the sources are available at the usual places. What I dont know is if it supports custom parameters or command line launching. Scratch that just browsed the readme. No mention of either. Guess if you wanted to do it you would have to work that out. It is based on sdl. Found this Exclusive games While the Neo Geo CD library consisted primarily of ports of MVS and AES titles, there were a few MVS arcade games which were not officially released for the Neo Geo AES and ported instead to the Neo Geo CD. This includes Puzzle Bobble, Janshin Densetsu (a Mahjong game also released for the PC Engine), Power Spike II, Neo Driftout and Futsal - 5-on-5 Mini Soccer. A few games which were unreleased in MVS and AES formats were also released exclusively for the Neo Geo CD. These includes Ironclad, Crossed Swords 2, Oshidashi Zentrix, ADK World, Neo Geo CD Special, The King of Fighters '96 Neo Collection and Shinsetsu Samurai Spirits Bushidō Retsuden (an RPG spinoff of the Samurai Shodown series that also released for the PlayStation and Sega Saturn). Idol Mahjong Final Romance II, an arcade game which was not an MVS game, was also ported to the Neo Geo CD. more info about it here http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/NeoGeoCD might even find a game or 2 that dont run on the cart version of the system that run on cd. You never know.
  2. xdsl is the way to go. Look on x-s for a post by idotsfan. called xdsl remake here is a link. With this release it reads 32k and 64k custom partitions as well as it can make partitions and launch off them outside f or G which would be hda57 and hda58 respectively. look for the xdsl0.71 or 72 zip. It is a frugal install of the latest linux 2.4 kernel "2.4.39" Google xdsl it has a wiki and instructions for install. Or hit me up and I will walk you thru if needed. http://sourceforge.net/projects/xboxhdm2/files/
  3. Bp I know your doing a xbmc build will you include the patch that is talked about here http://forums.xbox-scene.com/index.php?sho...p;#entry4689440 Its not bug free yet but it is getting there.
  4. snes9xbox - v1 [13-Nov-07] Only version xport ever released and unlike most xport emulators it was incomplete lacking a skin and it had a problem with the filters. I believe madmab fixed this but have no idea if it has been released. From memory I think BP told me he also fixed this issue for the core running in coinops. I am pretty sure resx has Star Fox 2 working in xport's core you might want to check his compatibility list about the other games and this core. His test were with both the zsnes and xport cores. Since coinops is using this exact core the results should be the same. Here is its read me SNES9XBox Super Nintendo Emulator for XBox v1 http://xport.xbox-scene.com http://www.snes9x.com Features: - Excellent compatibility - ported from SNES9X v1.43 - All the usual XPort features ( ZIP support, save states, rewind, autofire, cheat codes, fast forward, graphic filters, etc, etc.) - If you leave rewind on it will crash after a few minutes. Best to just turn it on when you need it. IMPORTANT NOTES --------------- Yes, I know I said I'd never release a SNES port - and I never really intended to do so. This has been sitting around for a long time, though, and I have been keeping it updated with the changes to the UI feature set (rewinding, rumble, slowdown, etc) because the SNES gets a lot of playtime in the house here. I figure that since all the source is now available, it would only be a matter of time before someone wrapped my core around a port of SNES9X - so I'm saving them some time. There is still a lot that needs to be done with this port like lightgun support, PAR, loading of external data files for certain games, SNES mouse support, fixing up the rewinding, and some other stuff that I don't recall right now. There is also no skin for it. These are all things that are left for someone else to implement. Stella, Gnuboy, SMSPlus, FCEUltra, HUGO, NeoPop, DGen, Bochs, HUGO-CD, FMSXBox, Bliss, WinSTon, Gens, Z26X, StepmaniaX, PCSXBox, XBoyAdvance, DOSXBox, AtariXLBox, MirrorMagicX, KoboX, MaelstromX, MarblesX, Vice64X, Vice20X, VicePETX, KegsX, XPired, AdamX, WonderSwanX, BeatsOfRageX, PowermangaX, LynxBox, BlueMSXBox, GladiatorX, AmphetamineX, StarfighterX, PachiX, BlobWarsX, OdysseyX, ArnoldX, X68000X, WinUAEX, MekaX, MednafenX-NES, MednafenX-PCE, MednafenX-Lynx, AbuseX, NJamX, XHeroes, PokemonMiniX, Classic99X, SoftVMUX, VirtualBoyX, SuperVisionX, Chip8X, Atari7800X, DidntXSpectrum, CaveStoryX, SNES9XBox What's next? Enjoy!
  5. Pretty sure xport's core comes from the same pc emulator and I know BP used xport's core not nes "zsnes" so I would assume those games should already run. It should only be the games that are exclusive to zsnes that will not run currently. Same should go for nintendo games. Nintendo runs in mednafenx-nes so games exclusive to fce or nestopia should not run either. Or the genesis emulator Bp runs xports neogenesis so games exclusive to xenesis should not run. You get my point.
  6. cool about the nfo's I make mine already with a handy program called media companion formerly known as "XBMC Media Companion" there is also a crossplatform program similar called mediareader although I have not got it to function on linux how I would like so personally I use Media Companion on xp but believe it runs on vista and 7. I would recommend this for anyone who is going the nfo route and has not already got it all setup. You can do your whole library in a short amount of time and save time scanning on the xbox because it does not have to make calls to the internet only internal network or on the xbox itself.
  7. I think if the pics were taken off the left and the game list was moved to the left in a smaller font that went farther down the page than it currently does so more games can be displayed. Then in that current bigger font have the different systems listed on the right. And functionality when you shifted the system slide on the right so that the games for that system would appear on the left. The game demo running in the virtual cab with its banner across the top. A generic one could then be made for each console or handheld system. Maybe across the bottom ribbon or somewhere across the top ribbon that now displays mame you can add for the labels that have already been put into coinops such 1v1 or 1st person shooters etc. Most of systems and years have been done for coinops romlist so it could remain the same. My take on it anyway. I personally think that scheme has potential.
  8. Does your xbmc build have the same issue as gamester17 xbmc project manager describes with this post in the xbmc forum Quote "64MB RAM memory upgrade to 128MB RAM memory will not be of much benefit to XBMC during video playback (nor for music with visualization) as XBMC's MPlayer and DVDPlayer cores are not designed to take advantage of the extra the extra memory. (They are however designed to take advanta of a faster 1.4GHz CPU if available)." Butcher xbmc developer goes into a little about it here cpu draw - too slow. blitter chip - no, all memory copies are done via the cpu (usually 4 or 8 bytes at a time). moving a block from the low bank to the high bank will only occur during an allocation - if you try to allocate low memory and there isn't any it'll move a block of possible (slowly). nor sure on enabling access. the xbox memory controller is on the gpu so it has hardware access to all 128mb. however the xdk functions to allocate memory for the gpu will not allocate memory from the upper 64mb. it would basically mean rewriting the memory management subsystem entirely to enable it's use. bios flashing won't help at all. he says a little more here the gnu libs do not work on xbox. currently xbmc emulates all gnu library calls via the xdk to obtain proper behaviour from mplayer (including malloc/free). memory allocated for use in gnu code can be from the upper or lower 64mb, however it is not accessable by the gpu directly. and here the extra 64mb ram in the xbox cannot be used for picture or video display purposes as the graphics card has no access to it. you don't really gain much from it. There is also some seemingly useful post from some other xbmc devs in this thread it is like 14 pages http://forum.xbmc.org/showthread.php?t=6165&page=14
  9. If I read what you are saying correctly you are saying fbl is not coded for 128mgs of ram but coinops is and when launched threw it you can play full speed. Maybe so. It is the video players in xbmc that can't get to the extra ram. Whenever you launch an xbe threw xbmc you are then running off that xbe. Only one xbe can run at a time. Same goes for coinops when you launch into another core you are in that core at that time not coinops. BP has just managed to get the cores to default back to coinops at the same place in the rom list where as xbmc does a cold boot with cutfiles. It may appear you never leave coinops but you do. All versions of the n64 version don't have the problem. It is just one certain build that does. I will have to get fbl to try. I don't run it I still run cpx3
  10. Ram causes one of the n64 builds not to launch games. I think it might be the build that came out with cmdline launching either on all games or games that were a certain size. I don't remember exactly it has been so long since I looked at it. I also believe there are ram chip bigger than 16mgs out there in the same package design. I don't know how to find them but they are out there. Before samsung got the xbox contract another company had it. I read an article by that companys ceo that described them. That company is no longer around but I have seen pics on xbox-scene that had that companys chips on early model debug xboxes. If I can dig out some of the articles I will link to them.
  11. XBMC cannot use extra ram itself. XBMC will crash if ram runs higher than 64mgs. The extra ram is wired in different than the original 64 is. Coinops might be able to use it but xbmc can't. Search the xbmc forum you will find dozens of threads about it or more. If I am not mistaken I think the cpu has access to the 1st 64mgs and the gpu has access to the extra 64mgs. It is said the ram upgrade helps emulation but I disagree. I am pretty sure xbmc can't use it because of something to do with the bios and if that is the case I don't see how it could work on emulators and not work on xbmc. To be honest the ram upgrade only benefits linux. This is the info I give to people before I agree to install their extra ram. I think outside trusty I am the only active member left on X-S that offers the ram upgrade service. I don't advertise it because it causes to many pms of people blowing smoke up my ass telling me they are going to get it. People wanting the upgrade usually find me. This is my take but if people still want it after I tell them this I don't have a problem taking their money and doing the install for them. I do it because I like to do the install and I am one of the only people who can do it not because it is something that will enhance the gaming experience.
  12. Is it still going to have mythtv support? Video? library mode? Music? upnp? samba? file manager? I am asking about most xbmc standard features. I also have seen a patch that has not been applied to the xbox branch that allows remote database location. This is something else that is new and is huge for a home setup with multiple frontend units. I am just wondering how much functionality your going to give it. You say it requires less memory I figure you have ripped out some functionality to do so and if so what functionality are you sacrificing?
  13. Bp, are you integrating coinops into xbmc and creating a new branch to keep the xbox branch alive? If so are you going to continue to patch in other xbmc features from the other platforms? This would be so kick ass because I have read top xbmc dev's post on there forum saying the xbox branch is abandoned. Only one xbox dev left and it was posted that he most likely would not have an interest for alot of new features. Xbmc would be so perfect for coinops and xbmc needs the help to be carried on as it has for so long. Then just maybe irq's pc build could be patched into a xbmc pc build with your patches and expand the whole xbmc project into another branch direction. Thinking about it all those people who complain you release so often would be welcoming all the releases to get all the latest main xbmc build feature patches. If this is what your planning I am stoked about it. If not what are your exact plans I am curious. Now that you got the cores worked into coinops for the other systems it should make it easier to tie everything into xbmc and blow all the features out. This it would seem would require alot more work to do if you had to deal with each emulator individually.
  14. I would like to see you come out with an xbmc-coinops integrated build with the extra support features built in as well as keep all current xbmc features intact. If this was done a whole new line of xbmc could be put out with all the xbox related features that don't make it in the main branch. XBMC devs pay less and less attention to the xbox builds they have moved on to other platforms. Tech3 builds are coming less often. This is something that may need to happen sooner or later to keep xbmc alive. Not to mention this is the only way all the good xbox related patches will ever see a public build. If work is to be done on a gui then why not just tighten up the program section of xbmc and make it the new gui. XBMC already has the ability to do most things and most of what it can't do is only because the patches never see the official branch. This would be the ideal base to start with and the possibilities of what could be done with it would be endless. This is my opinion anyway. I have no idea how everybody else wants it. I will say that the newer looks you have produced don't seem to give anymore to the end user than the old ones. It kind of reminds me of the car business and how much models differ from year to year when the body style has not changed. The new one is a full screen preview with a rom list. The older one is a full screen preview with a rom list. Both look really good don't get me wrong I am just saying if your going to build a new gui then give it its own new identity don't let it have its predecessors.
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