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I'd just like to add my thanks to you for this AWESOME project! I find myself checking back here every couple hours to see if you've posted anything new... I know... I should get a life... but, dang, CoinOPS is sweet!


Thanks again, and I'm looking forward to the next release!



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I posted the following over at snesorama and was directed by xcalibur to post my question here for britneyspairs... so here it is :)


Hey guys!


Long time lurker... I am loving CoinOPS!


I was wondering if I'm doing something wrong... I have the latest CoinOPS version (the 14GB+) but I'm having problems running Street Fighter Alpha 3.


Could it be because I'm trying to stream the rom from my SAMBA share? I know there are a few other games that can't stream well... but the majority of the arcade games stream perfectly.


Also, I was wondering if it was possible to have the ability to stream screenshots, movies, and console games from a SAMBA share implemented into a future version of CoinOPS?


Thanks for such a great piece of software and all your hard work for the old school game lovers out there!




Thanks a ton!



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You could start by narrowing your problem and test if it runs ok for you from the xbox hdd instead of streamed.

If it does (which it does), then yes, it's a streaming problem.


As far as streaming other stuff : I remember having a small discussion on the subject, and streaming of movies gave serious slowdowns in movie start times (2 secs before a movie showed).

So it is possible to implement, but strays from BP vision of a fast 1-in-all GUI with fast responding HQ movies.


But off course, final words are always with BP himself.

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turn off run in CPS2 games in Final Burn core and it will work via SMB...this should be tieded up after cores are in....its in advanced settings...





right now I havent added new features to Cores (lie i just did add a few features to the cores)...i just read that others think adding co ordinates to the resizing page is hard (the work around is amusing and just plain silly)....fact its about 5mins work and easy as....level 0 coding really.


Ill insert the Pixel perfect stuff for final burn core and maybe the other cores when I get help testing it...its written and running just needs cos or phil to test it out. its easy to do and all automatic no fluffing around eg same as CoinOPS


anyways a new release is pretty much done...theres a few work arounds...


Ive looked at amiga and openbor I dont think they are worth adding

virtual boy, Intellevsion, celeco and atari 5200 5800 7800 or whatever they are are remed out as clutter if theres any stuff about this....nows the time.....after this release the cores are locked down tight and ill be redefining easy of use for all the cores all put toether so one button eg pixel perfect changes every core....plus ill be working on new ShowROOM with alot more core stuff

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New logo new rebadge/rebrand in the works..... it will be released with this build as it will have all cores and features from reignite and means everything will be on the same page going forward....especially romwise support for all the packs


ill looking at new teams for the packs :P alot is done but this stuff can be up to you....ill be tiding up whats there and making it streamline and smooth...this will run what most people want.....for the others theres xport or madmabs stuff....my vision is best summed up for me by none other than albert einstein and it never showed more than when I tried to setup the latest amiga emu...


Any fool can make things bigger, more complex, and more violent. It takes a touch of genius - and a lot of courage - to move in the opposite direction. ( albert einstein AKA CoinOPS Vision better said by one of the smartest men to have ever lived)

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New logo new rebadge/rebrand in the works.....


Well I gotta say Im excited to see what you come up with.... I will in corperate that into the marquee i am doing for my machine if you dont mind...


on another note regarding the final build released with the N64 games and PSX games, Will it be only games that run flawlessly added ?


Keep up the good work !

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