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a feature I've been thinking of lately is profiles.

It would be cool if you could setup profiles in CoinOPS that would alter pref like Favorites or could hide games for certain profiles, so that 1 setup can fit a whole family of users.

Even better would be if it also integrates with XBMC profiles so that starting CoinOPS from a certain XBMC profile will make CoinOPS start with the associated profile.

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Bubble Booble FIXED and all clones so now they use correct pathing

Virtua Fighter 1 FIXED so it plays on CPU upgraded xboxs

Virtua Racing FIXED so it plays on CPU upgraded xboxs


Raiden Jet FIXED so it plays on CPU upgraded xboxs (stutters on normal CPU grade xbox)



Settings changes for non advanced / advanced modes of aspect ratio

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TO FIX THIS BUG OF SPEED DELETE E://TDATA//4d414d45, E://UDATA//4d414d45, E://TDATA//4d414d46, E://UDATA//4d414d46


it has a conflict with orig Mameox and Mamedox if you do this your slow boot rom issue will go away....this has been there since forever.... remove all old versions of the saves and all the CoinOPS X stuff will work sweet as


why everyones reporting this now....is due to several issues with the resolution X not being setup correctly and a huge amount of people stepping over to CoinOPS X LITE there are people reporting this issue elsewhere and saying they have the full etc but they dont...they will do very soon....anyways im expecting massive amount of interest in the full and alot of misiformation as people move forward...... I hope you dont listen to them and come to people that know.... not others who say they will help but clearly have no idea...I left this issue for a few months to see if they had any clue but they have no clue at all

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