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NestopiaX 1.0


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Any of you skin guys planning on making a skin for this "even though the default skin is great" I wouldnt mind seeing Neil make one kinda like his blue fire one with the arcade machine but instead have an old sd tv with the video preview in it..perhaps even one of those old sd tvs that nintendo made that had the Nes build right into it...

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Working on one atm actually. Don't know when it's ready, though :)





Just ignore stupid looking TV and few other issues, like empty space on right and perfectly aligned cart piles.. :(


That looks awesome. I will download nestopiaX now after seeing that screenshot.

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Games that work on NestopiaX that didn't work on XPORTs that are in my collection:


Contra Fighter


Donkey Kong Country IV

Final Combat

Great Wall

Hell Fighter

Jin Gwok Sei Chuen Saang

Magic Jewelry II

Magical Mathematics

Panda Prince

Pipe Mania (Pipes)


Street Heroes

Strike Wolf

Tiny Toon Adventures IV

Bird Week

Chess Academy


Famicom Grand Prix - 3D Hot Rally

Hot Slots

Ninja Jajamaru

Space Hunter

Time Lord

Youkai Club


Hi Resx,


You say that now just these few games are not working on XPORT.

We must use NESTOPIA to play them, or MADMAB want and will fix them for XPORT ?




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