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NestopiaX 1.0


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Working on one atm actually. Don't know when it's ready, though :)





Just ignore stupid looking TV and few other issues, like empty space on right and perfectly aligned cart piles.. :)


That looks awesome. I will download nestopiaX now after seeing that screenshot.


Frank where are you?


Would love to see this skin :(

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im losing hope that this skin will see the light of day but it looks brilliant. has anyone know about recording movies with this emu? i see there is playback but how the hell do you record? (if at all possible)

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I've got a question.


I set the emulator up to show my screen shots/boxarts/etc. and I was wondering if there was a way for the GUI to automatically scroll through these pictures (instead of me having to move the R stick over to toggle a picture change)?


Thanks - I love this emulator!

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