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CoinOPS reignite R5 Standalone (THREAD CLOSED MOVING ON)


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did you add mslug6 :) fumanchu

no because it wasnt in the first post.

also the last blade 1 and 2 hacks and samurai showdown4 hack will load and you get the green screen of puke of you know what i mean then you just get a warning message,as in game wont start.

do i need the uni-bios 23 by any chance??

as i am just using the same neogeo bios i used since mamedox platinum2.

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Thanks to the posts from run088 and DOA, I've now managed to get Coinops Reignite R5 working properly - cheers guys!


D.O.A. you asked for suggestions for Coinops Reignite R6? How about adding a new 'sort' method, so that as well as being able to sort by name, genre, no of players etc, we could search by system? ie Arcade, SNES, Megadrive/Genesis and whatever other systems you see fit to add?


Just a thought. :)

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I'm digging R5 too. Cheers to all involved.


I'll leave out my obvious first request (if you know anything about me) and just add that I still like the idea of being able to "Quit to XBMC" option. That way I can make CoinOps the dash that shows up first when the box powers up, and then be able to switch over to XBMC for ftp and other emus and programs.


I think most of us will have XBMC in e:\apps\xbmc but being able to specify what xbe to boot would be great too.


Besides that R5 looks good. Fixed that movie\screenshot scrolling issue which was driving me crazy so thanks for that.

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to adjust SNES and megadrive you need to select Back+white :) this may change and its global at present for each emulator


new sorting methods will be discussed soon on dev thread...but its on the to do list for sure


and yes you will need unibio 2.3 :) and it enabled to play most boss hacks

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Neils wong..... but as he spotted if you do stuff correctly it will launch all that stuff no worries...im documenting it though....his files are out and its very easy to add. Ummm xport expressed he wanted the launcher code used and nes expressed he didnt want it used even though he built it in, with a little look around like neil did you will see its about 5 secs to reintroduce


you can thank Neil for spotting how easy it will be to insert nes code.... :D that was a hint from neil guys well spotted


next guess?

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Wrong about the Final Burn core being the bonus?"...Thats cool then, no ego here...lol.


Hint? What are you on about? As usual, you are very hard to understand...


I really don't like conversing to you via posts, as you have a tendency to bend facts.

I was merely pointing out that I found the skins for Final Burn in the "skins" folder of Coinops,

seemed strange to me, especially after you said it wasn't going to be used. Thats all.


No need to try and twist things here...lol

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