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Final Burn Legends 1.1


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wow !! thanks nes. you must have been working hard on this all this time, so many extras added and fixes. this is great work, so thank you very much. ! :D


btw is there a way to have no menu bg music, as some games have such low volume I have to turn up the tv high, can i just delete mp3 ?

i know there is an option for the volume, but it always seems to reset to 100%.


thanks again nes. :)

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Tetris the Absolute The Grand Master 2 Plus?!?!?


Wow I actually play this game a lot on my PC with MAME. The Death mode is awesome and it is just an awesome version of tetris overall. I want this. When I download the emulator does it come with a DAT? Is it like CoinOPS where you need an older romset or can I use my up to date one? Also I guess I need a PM to download it? Thanks a lot!

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