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Well....here is the start of my cabinet build


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Are you guys using RGB monitors for your cabs? If so, then where do you get yours?



i have cabs with both RGB monitor and gutted television - ive had problems with overused screen burnt RGB monitors so will be using a tv and pad combo from now on

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Hey all, Sorry for lagging on the progress. Been busy doing the family thing. Here are some pictures of what I got so far.

I plan on removing the 25" arcade monitor and retrofitting in a nice 27" standard TV.

First thing I did was remove the old button panel, trace it out on a new pc of MDF, then I traced out a new pc of lexan for the top.

Then I mounted both pc's to the arcade cab. For the button layout I just used photoshop to lay it all out. After that I started drilling it out.

Thats kinda where I'm at now. I plan on soldering up my wires to a stock xbox controller, wish me luck.












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yeah thats looking good - its actually pretty tough getting button layouts spot on, especially with plexi on top. looks like your a dab hand.


what are you doing about an overlay for the control panel - i get my stuff done from scott at mamemarquees - quality stuff that looks the bees knees



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