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Well....here is the start of my cabinet build


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Wow, I'm super impressed with the plexi cutting. Lexan is a bitch to cut along with mdf if you don't do them both at the same time. Thats great work there, which makes me sad to ask some small questions: did you put the right click button way on the right there? and on both controllers? I'm worried that you, or even worse player 2, will be pounding away during a frantic game and hit the menu button (which is a bummer when you've got someone over to see all your hard work). Not only that but you only really need one menu button and that you could put up high and in the middle, or even drill a hole in the bottom of your panel and hide it so its not in the way. I hide the two back buttons under my panels so they're like hidden credit buttons and then daisy chain them with the actual coin slots so you can put in quarters/tokens if you want.


You should head over to the Build Your Own Arcade Controls forum ( www.byoac.com) and post your project on there as well. There are a TON of knowledgeable people that would be impressed with what you're doing. They might not agree with you and me that an xbox is the way to go for a cab, but we'll just know that we're right and take their other good advice.

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Just thought I'd note...the cab, NOT a TMNT/Simpsons. They use the same cabinet, and I own a dedicated TMNT, the coin mechs are twin dual slots with separate chutes/buckets. Not to mention the CP sits too far out off the cab itself.

It's also DEFINITELY not a Gauntlet, not even close, Gauntlet cabs are more "laid back" in shape towards the rear and wider.


Looks like your run of the mill Dedicated Golden Tee Classic to me, standard cab...just like any Dynamo you'll find (ie; There's nothing "dedicated" about a Dynamo)

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yeah thats looking good - its actually pretty tough getting button layouts spot on, especially with plexi on top. looks like your a dab hand.


what are you doing about an overlay for the control panel - i get my stuff done from scott at mamemarquees - quality stuff that looks the bees knees




Sorry been a long time, Just getting around to the cab again. Here are some picture updates. I got the 27" Tv mounted in place, installed the new 6x9 speakers and some external powered speakers with IPOD jack. Wired up one controller to the new board so far. I was testing it out today and all works perfect. I had a cool idea for the control panel that I made myself, what do you think? I might do the same think to the marque. FYI: it will look alot cleaner when I'm all done.













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