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  1. also if anyone is interested in converting a cab im selling my last xbox jamma converter on xbox scene - then ebay if no takers ta http://forums.xbox-scene.com/index.php?showtopic=732760
  2. can someone post it in the arcade section - im scared to leave the warmth of the xbox section
  3. good idea - ive put up a link to youtube yes its a shame but has to go, just got married and we are going to new zealand for an extended honeymoon - had to get rid of boys toys can pallet deliver for 60 squids its SLATE skin that i have modified and cleaned up - its just got no clutter - great for cabs. its been a massive amount of my spare time getting this thing as it is - the trackball idea was a complete nightmare. i have it all backed up and the knowledge to build more in the future ...........
  4. hi guys im leaving the country and wont be tinkering with cabs anymore for a while so i thought i give a heads up for my cab that ive just put on ebay. this is not a for sale thread just a link. full jamma conversion working usb trackball (mouse hack) full ressxtras vids etc coinops 2 (fully configured for cab) loads of games etc etc just take a peek and let me know what you think ta bulge2 http://cgi.ebay.co.uk/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?Vie...E:L:LCA:GB:1123
  5. one of these wouldnt be to hard to hack for the xbox as long as you can re-route the optical pickups to a usb mouse - although im not sure if it would behave in the same way sned me one and ill try :0
  6. you may well be right - just tried it on my spare xbox (setup in the same way) and doesnt go garbled - but i have another problem - so im starting a new thread
  7. as said above ive tried switching pal/ntsc - no different. on the madmab emualtors the madmab video plays at the start then it looks like this: coinops is fine ive got these hooked up through my component inputs on my tv
  8. hmmm - just got my new component cable for my softmod xbox and connected it to my 1080p hd tv coinops 720 hd option selects ok but all other emus start screen is all garbled and pixels everywhere. im sure it something easy but can someone assist in my lack of hd knowledge? ta
  9. ok i saw the lite version and assumed the full x was posted - why post r4 when x is compiled as a tasty pack??? edit just saw this On LITE is out at present the other build is about 2 weeks away im updating a couple of things
  10. looking good - are you going to label the buttons? i found putting coloured buttons in help in menus /remembering which is which.
  11. great work nes - my friends are still amazed when i show them what my little black boxes can do in my cabs - wouldn't be possible without the time you and others have put into these emus. it would be top of the line to see another surprise *cough* mame update. anyway good luck if you dont change your mind and ta mate
  12. hey - liking that a lot what skin is it - are you making it available?
  13. do people not do torrents anymore?
  14. must have been my cable - used a usb adapter and it works straight away in xbmc and coinops rom select. now im going to try and wire up my trackball thanks for previous help guys
  15. looks good mate - glad more people are seeing that xboxs are right at home in cabs
  16. hmm i will try the cables the other way around - it seems there are still usb-xbox converters on egay - ill purchase one of those and see what happens
  17. right ive now tried 2 different usb mice and had no luck at all - the wires are the same colour so cant of got them wrong. also have used a proper working ms pad lead. i think im going to give up now - shame as i have a working trackball here and would have been a nice addition. p.s do you usb mice show up on the pad test screen in fba xxx?
  18. ill be testing my usb mouse over the next couple of days so ill have a little look at your problem - and ill try your skin edit. i also have a request for this build - you have rotated the vert games for play but it would be good if ALL games have the necessary rotation to play on a vert monitor - some horizontal games you can get away with but they are displayed upside down. also its probably an easy fix..
  19. i normally try to stay out of this recent arguing - but can we actually have an adult thread on coinops please - picking through the bickering is getting a tad gay now - i dont want to take sides but maybe we can change the 1emulation section to Bitching/unnecessary gayness/xbox so it truely reflects the content of this section....... anyway DOA im going to be testing hopefully tomorrow the mouse/trackball support in coinops so i may have a few requests based on whether i can get my trackball working. and thanks for continued development on this emu
  20. strange i actually swapped to filezilla after ipswichftp gave me problems - ive transferred about 8x 80gb xboxs with no probs whatsoever
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