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  1. Well I just wiped the dust of my old rom collection and discovered the discs have given up the ghost. Lessons learned - 1. Cheap media isn't a great choice. 2. Always backup your backups! Anyway, if some kind person would like to pm me a link to the showcase release it'd be much appreciated. If not, I'll be playing 1942, Bomb Jack and Sunset Riders for a while as those are the only roms I've recovered so far!
  2. I sold my N64 and games years ago, but even today I'm still tempted to pick up a second hand machine with Goldeneye. Ahhh, happy days... That said, Modern Warfare 2 is out soon . . . I reckon that might be more entertaining these days.
  3. Dunno if this will help you or not, but I just upgraded my hd following this guide on youtube that my mate sent me a link to. Everything worked fine and my box still boots into xbmc. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4rEpHdnWoGc
  4. Just installed the standalone and gave it a whirl with a few of the old roms I had lying about. Looks good, I need to investigate further and see how to get it all setup with videos etc. That sounds ace!
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