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It really needs a CoinOps animated video making for a screensaver. Well 2 really on for SD and one for HD. Or along those sort of lines.

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OUT contact me


****Features Include****


COMMANDLINE LAUNCHING (in thanks to Ez0n3 he rocks)


VIDEO PREVIEW (these must be .xmv format) - There is a sample video... if you go to Alien Vs Predator (avsp.zip) you will see a video playing or if you wait for the screensaver...


MK2,MK3 and UMK now speedup with sound - Still made autonosound as they run glitchy but playable now...hopefully we get more speed sometime :D (there is a CoinOPS/general/romstatus with midway soundhack.xml that can be renamed to romstatus.xml and then rescan that will disable the autosound for thoose games permanatly)


Alot of settings added around background sounds (both background music and video preview sounds)


More tweaks and more game input adjustments




game selection screen rotation removed due to new video previewcode... will look at it sometime

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