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Yes, is it possible to save in the INI file the configuration we made for each games ?

Like if we overclock it or cut sound or change memory setting ... etc ...

Because must use FTP and a PC every time to configure is very boring :P

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Ive done it for all games in my recommended list and asked many times which ones to change.... it also has been told many times how to customise the xmls... read romstatus.xml this emu is alot more customisable that what people think and ive done all my top 1200 games so there is no need to change them in gui


if someone sends me the things wrong as some have in the past ill add them permantly to the list

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I have a friend that has quite a few real arcade games that are emulated in coinops. The coinops versions seem to run faster, what settings are needed to make them run the same as the original? Does PAL or NTSC on the xbox make a difference? As in in 50 or 60HZ?

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Updated Skin...Updated Screensaver...Updated Background music


In a big cleanup for R5 and total change over to video previews


sounds cool - will next version include video previews for all 1100+ games? if not is there a source to get more somewhere or a howto on creating our own?

thank you

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BP my man,


Is the current R4 version showing some kind of numeric guide/coordinates/screen size when

we are doing the "ADJUST SCREEN SIZE" operation? I had no time to test it yet... but I think

I will create some new hahex-edited CoinOPS for some screen sizes I have forgot and I will

finally try the R4.


If it shows numeric info on the screen size adjustment it will be superb!!!

It will save me a lot of work!


Other thing I was thinking...

Maybe is it possible to add a new "parameter" (totally optional) on the command line shortcut?

Something like:


<aspect ratio>Original</aspect ratio> or

<aspect ratio>Default</aspect ratio>


This can force the game to run on it original sizes, like for example, 320x224, 304x224... etc etc.


Just thinking.



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