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  1. I would really like to try it out! Please send me a PM
  2. Hey, I wanna try it too, please send me a PM
  3. Hmm, I also would like to receive a PM so I could try R3...
  4. Recently I've been playing random games on MAME, playing some games of the KOF series on FBAXXX and a little bit of Time Gal for the Sega CD, but i recently got the PSX version, which is much better.
  5. Well, there's this fighting game that all the characters are chinese demon dolls or something, I think the name is Reikai Doushi, I remember playing this game a few years ago in MAME and it didn't had sound support back then, but it was really fun. Other obscure/creepy/weird fighting games that I would recommend too are Survival Arts and Tatoo Assassins, I made the movelists for these games for the MAMEPlus! command.dat a few years ago.
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