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I've garnered an interest to the NES

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I actually downloaded a NES emulator and busted out Ninja Gaiden for the first time ever.


Playing a NES game provides a gaming experience like no other. This is my chance to play a system that I missed out on during my childhood because of my age.

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Are you telling me that you haven't touched an actual NES nor a NES emulator until now? Unbelievable.


In any case, some games to have fun with:


Akumajou Densetsu (yes, the japanese version of Castlevania because it has a superior sound chip)

Battletoads (warning: will lead to frustration beyond anything you've experienced before)

Bionic Commando


Double Dragon 1-3

Duck Tales 1-2

Earthbound (yes, the NES prototype)

Esper Dream 2

Excitebike (great game after all these years)

Final Fantasy I-III (definitely III just to see where that DS port has its roots)

Gargoyle's Quest 2

Kirby's Adventure (one of the few NES games I played from start to finish with religious zeal)

Megaman 1-6

Metal Gear (Outer Heaven, ooh)

Mighty Final Fight (probably the most unique and best ports of Final Fight I've ever played)

Nekketsu! Street Basket (over the top action similar to World Cup, only no soccer this time)

Power Blade 1-2

Radia Senki

River City Ransom (everyone needs to give this one a go)

Contra and Super C

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles 2 (one of the best console ports from the arcade game)

Darkwing Duck (a surprisingly good game with Megaman vibes despite being based on a cartoon)

Super Mario Bros 1-3 (no-brainer, especially 2 and 3, despite SMB2 having been reworked into an SMB game from a totally unrelated japanese game)

World Cup (every console game needs a good arcade-ish soccer game and World Cup is the definitive choice)

Ninja Gaiden I-III (although you can played their remastered version on the SNES)

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Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles 2 (one of the best console ports from the arcade game)


The NES port of TMNT the arcade game is absolutely horrible, it's nothing like the arcade game. One of my favorite games, which is why I own a dedicated arcade TMNT.

If you want to play "home" version of it, get the Amiga or Atari ST versions, they're MUCH better than the terrible NES version.


I want Turtles in Time to put in that same cabinet (Double Jamma it), and you can play a pretty much perfect port on the SNES (Hyperstone Heist on Genesis SUCKS)

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I managed to get to Act 6-2, the game's difficulty is becoming very cheap. Around Act 5-1, the enemies started to spawn more, with an increase of re-spawning from the same exact spot upon death.


The birds, bats, and jet pack ninjas are really out of place, not only that, but they are extremely annoying, nevertheless. Enemies who shoot projectiles are unfortunately placed on platforms that cannot be jumped on and attacked simultaneously, all enemies are conveniently placed to the point where I can't really navigate the stage because of their never ending projectiles.


It's amazing how wonderfully aggravating this game is, I'm surprised of how close to each other, Ninja Gaiden, and Ninja Gaiden for the XBOX are in difficulty.

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