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What was your favorite game growing up?


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the moment street fighter II came out on the snes and later champ. edition on the genesis. I was playing that game for hours every day with a group of about 8 really tight friends. since we lived in the desert it's so damn hot outside in the summer you just want to stay indoors. so we'd have epic street fighter and MK tournaments, and play magic: the gathering until the sun went down, then off to the lake or some other teen hang out for regular teen shenanigans.

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Although I had been gaming on my Spectrum 128k and Master System for years before I got a hold of my SNES, it was SF2 that I spend a silly amount of time playing. Ironically we had just moved house a few months prior to me getting the SNES, so a lot of close friends fell out of touch and I ended up playing mostly solo. I think that's when I started to appreciate single player games a lot more and still do to this day. Really if I think about it I've been playing SF in one form or another ever since - Super, Super Turbo (SNES), Alpha 1/2 (Saturn), Alpha 3, SF3 (DC) and now SF4!

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Considering that I never owned a console when I was a kid (spent my time at a friend's house playing DKC), the only thing I had was a Commodore 128 and a GameBoy.


Out of those two, International Karate, Bruce Lee, and Super Mario Land 2 FTW.

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