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1Emulation IRC Channel Officially Dead!

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Internet Relay Chat, better known as "IRC", had a small place for 1Emulation. After four years since the birth of our IRC channel from the GameSurge servers to later EFNET, the #1emu IRC channel has officially closed its doors. Some of us had a lot of memories there that created laughter, joy, and even anger. It certainly was *the* place to be whenever we had a radio show or during a special occasion on 1Emulation.


Back when I joined IRC for the first time in 2004 (pretty amazing, eh?), I visited channels such as #ngemu, #emufanatics, #emulation64, #pcsx2, #dcemu, and other popular emulation channels. I decided to create my own on the same server network they were on, which was EFNET, so we could be in close contact with emulation authors and other webmasters as well.


We tried our best to keep our very own channel alive, but with the demise of the emulation scene, and with lack of excitement or will within 1Emulation, it was best to move on. Perhaps I should be the one to blame for not always being active in the channel or deciding to use EFNET, but I certainly tried my best. I would like to thank General Plot for his hard work in setting us up with a botnet for our channel during the last few years and anyone else who helped us to create and maintain it!



#1emu @ EFNET


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I don't want to biatch, but it was GPs bots causing problems all the time that kept me from going back.


Being on EFNet certainly didn't help in it's own right. We don't have to use the same network as most emulator channels, you CAN link someone to another network, and just because you're on EFNet doesn't mean you're on the same "server".

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What happened?


Also, I wasn't present due to the amount of nothingness it provided. A lot of the time I would be logged in, walk away, and a day /half later come back with barely any text on the screen.


In activeness ftw!

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gamesurge channel was win, back in the day. when all the old timers were in there and we'd play Kai and shizzz


but anyways, why close it officially, does it cost money to reserve the #1emu name? if I were to log on wouldn't it just create a channel called #1emu for as long as I was in it?

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Yes, it's just another channel that only exists for as long as someone is there.



Just taking a look now, and we see Plot has ops, and the remainder do not... that is basilcb, GameCop, gymnist, plot_bot and a couple of emuwiki bots (not sure why they exist).

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