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I dont think its proper at all but it should be close enough.....questions


1) does it have only one version of fixeight and does it work?

2) is there only one version of slapfight and does it work.

3) Also does it have main event?


if the answer of 1 only one and it works its correct


if the answer of 2 only one and it works its correct


if the answer to 3 is no then its correct


If the answer varies this version has bugs in it but will be closeish Id say and is just a straight untested build from the dats


The plot thickens! oh dear - well I got the standalone rapidshare link from gavin19 (cheers gav!) that had screenshots for 1010 games (v nice too!)


I was just going to get the other games from the bitgamer torrent then add them to the standalone. Am at work now will try what you suggested and let you know tonight!

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Great work on this BritneysPAIRS, thank you.


Would it be possible to provide the MD5 hash of the xbe file(s) of the current version so I can be sure that I have the correct release?




good idea! that would be easy to check! (unless the file has been changed and not saved on BP's machine

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Fixed another 40 games inc samsho 5 and samshow 5 special for fam

add new light gun code from that source as well with no issues I cant test it though


can anyone find BendermameOx -HSFII Edition- source :)


source about your request

the link working

thanks to gx mod, a good french xbox site





for MAMEOX128 PLUS, I have the last version but not source

this emulator is based on mamox 0.84b3 source if I am not wrong


other emulator => MAMEoX v0.97 Project but not finished, i think you can find sources

if you want a source, tell me what you need and i will make some search to help you



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