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The King of Fighters 2003 Coming Along Soon!


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Japanese arcade title begins beta test at select arcades in Japan; Osaka gamers to taste the competition first.


TOKYO--SNK NeoGeo will the begin beta testing of The King of Fighters 2003 one month before its release. Announced on the company's official Web site, the beta test of King of Fighters 2003 will take place in Osaka, Japan, between November 17 and 21. The beta test is expected to move to Tokyo shortly thereafter


The King of Fighters 2003 will be the tenth installment in the King of Fighters series, and will be following the traditional three-on-three battle format. Currently, only three characters are confirmed for the game. Terry Bogard and Joe Higashi from the Fatal Fury series will be returning to the game, and Andy Bogard will be replaced by Tizoc from Garou: Mark of the Wolves.


As reported earlier, while recent The King of Fighters titles have introduced original characters to the series, The King of Fighters 2003 will focus on bringing in characters from other Neo Geo titles--and the storyline of the game will reportedly go in a new direction. And while specific details are not currently known, The King of Fighters 2003 will reportedly implement a new battle system and new game control system. The King of Fighters 2003 is scheduled for release in Japanese arcades this December.


By Hirohiko Niizumi, GameSpot 


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This is great news considering sVc Chaos just got emulated! :D

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Kof2003 won't even come close to be emulated(maybe w/a miracle and I don't believe in miracles)..its gonna be off of new neo geo hardware(kinda similar to naomi hardware at least from what I've heard)

Well if they can hack the N-Gage, which they did! It's possible! :D:)


PS: You remind me of the movie Matrix, when the Zion Leader says to Morpheus, "He's the one who believes in miracles, not me!" ;)

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I'm pretty sure that kof2003 is on the same hardware as every other kof game, so it shouldn't be too difficult to emulate it in the near future.


The new hardware (Sammy's Atomiswave) is definitely going to be used for the new 3D king of fighters game and Capcom vs. Sammy.


Playmore is supposedley ceasing Neo-Geo development and developing all future projects for Atomiswave (which is no surprise after the dull looking SVC :( ). I doubt 2003 will be the first game on the hardware, it will be most likely the final Neo Geo game.

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