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  1. i just use dolphin recently, to play Muramasa Demon Blade (because i played Odin sphere on ps2/ same company) its fully playable, dolphin is a good emu but it still crash when i activae cheats (AR)
  2. i previously have use evo-x 2812 dashboard, then i want to install xbmc and some skin for evo-x dashboard. then i burn all the files i needed on DVD. then i copy the file using boxplorer from the dvd to e:/apps/xbmc c:/skin then what happen is that when i reboot my xbox, it stuck at the xbox logo, it wont boot into the evo-x dashboard anymore. is this because the name of xbmc dash is default.xbe? or is it because the file is read only? or because the skin is not compatibe? i did not load any skin, just copied the skin. - can i load any apps from dvd? what i mean is that i want to load boxplorer/xbmc directly from dvd so that i can use it to explore and delete the files that i have copied.. maybe this will solve it? - if i put in game dvd, it does boot after the xbox logo load. can anyone please help me?
  3. now i have a new problem, my game stuck, and think that its the disc, so i get another set of disc, now when i load the save game, it doesn't load and stuck. only have the "loading" screen. it can load with my old disc though.
  4. thx a loads, but the gamefaqs only have ulockables.. anyway i played this all over again. its just so weird that my MC suddenly lost everything on it, i never have format it..
  5. please, i need a save game of every level, i found lots of site with save game, but none of them have level by level save game, i lost my save game suddenly, dunno why and i need to replay this game again.. i need save game on Challenge of Atlas please help thx in advanced
  6. I would like to know how, can i get a save game that i dload from internet, into the memcard of ps2.. thx
  7. anyone please, recommend me a good ps2 divx player, so far i have use SMS and reality, but there are some files that cant be played. is there any other player around? thx
  8. the game crashed just like that, but i think it something to do with the ram, because i have been searching for solution and some forum have been suggesting that i remove some of my ram. and when i remove 2 gb (they come in 1gb pair), the games runs fine. so i think its the ram, but why cant windows xp support 4gb? i thought that winxp maximum ram amount is 4gb? i heard about the /pae switch but i still cant get it to work.
  9. Hi, can anyone help me? anyone else have this problem and find the solution? the problem is that, ALL games that i tried to play on my system crashed after like some while playing the games, what is the cause of this and the solution? thx in advanced System, Quad 6600 4Gb corsair High performance Ram 8800GTS 512 Graphic Mobo Asus P5K Pls help me
  10. may i as a question? other than SF3, Jojo, Warzard, is there any existing Cps3 game out there playable? thx in adv
  11. This code didnt work? plus DOA2LE (selfboot) is not bootable with gameshark..
  12. Help me please, i tried to run the chankast cheat utiity with the new EX version of chankast, but failed to detect, the cheat utility keep saying please run chankast. help please.
  13. I have this processor, 5 pcs on 5 different pcs, for the usage ot internet cafe, the thing is, it is detected as 6.0ghz and ive been informed that this is because that its an Engineering Sample Processor, what is an Engineering Sample? is it a "free" processor that used for sampling purpose? it didnt have any label on the processor, bootup detect 100x?? where ?? is the speed of the processor, (100x28=2.8ghz), so anyone know? please help me
  14. I have the slim Ps2 version, the manual say that it can play DVD movie, and my console is mod, but whatever DVD movie i throw in the tray, it cant play, i tried everything, please help, do i need to patch the console? or is there an external player that works like Xbox's DVDX2.0 or something?
  15. Avalaunch need to install itself onto Xbox yes? The Dvd-x didnt need to be install (based on the readme, i cant get it running tho) so thats why i want to use it, because i didnt have the dongle or the remote..
  16. I go to my local bittorent store to get that version of winxp. lol
  17. when i try to upgrade directx 8.1 to 9 on my pc with windows xp, it says : The Software you are installing has not passed Windows Logo testing to verify its compatibility with Windows Xp. This software will not be installed. Contact your system administrator. and after that it stoped the installation and the previous Dx is corrupted also. I try the uninstaller for Dx9, failed. Try to reinstall Dx8 by the Winxp cd, failed. Try to install in safe mode, failed. Can anyone help me? how to install Dx9 properly? i mean is there any possible way to bypass that testing that winxp does?
  18. Hi, i downloaded the file from megagames, and its just a few bytes, unpack and it'll be megavbytes, but my question is, is it working? ive tried to burn on Cdrw and cdr but it doesnt load on my xbox, plus after i burn the iso, i cant see anything on the cd, furthermore when i load the iso using daemon, it doesnt show anythin either. pla help me, i use xecuter mod
  19. does you guys know where to get anime midi? i'm searching for days but still cant find any.. i'm looking for Yui - Life but other anime midi is also great
  20. I love Yui - Life very much, its very addictive. Anyone know where can i get the song in Midi format so that i can spice up my phone a little? please
  21. Thank you for the help guys, it seems that i finally can get the game to run on chankast! yay Thank you very much. So whats wrong? it seems that the tutorial that were pass on in some of the sites is incomplete, after h@ckin the 1st read and ip you need to copy it back to the \data folder.. and at the beginning you should copy it all into the data folder xept, xept for the 1st read and ip bin.
  22. I didnt have the Ip.bin, can i use the ip.bin provided with the fastbot tools or any other ip.bin from other game?
  23. I also have DOA2, tho it runs slow on chankast i play it till the end, i try to load DOA2 LE, i got the selfboot version, but when i try tpo load it in chankast it freeze on the boot screen. I have tried to do the patch of the 1st_read.bin, but failed.. nothing happen, i have use daemon 3.29 as suggested too.. but i cant find the ip.bin on the selfboot cd, maybe thats what went wrong, i dunno.. i'll try to patch it again
  24. i try the hex edit but it wont run, maybe i didnt have the ip.bin in the 1st place, btw can anyone help me? can anyone upload the already edited by hex editor 1st_read.bin and ip.bin? please help
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