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Marvel Ultimate Alliance 2: Fusion


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Eh, X-Men 2 was alright. Greatly better than the first one mainly cuz I could not stand Magma and hated that I had to wait later in the game to unlock Gambit. Definately a plus that Deadpool was playable once you beat the game. And Godly Ironman once you collected his armor. Professor X was crap boring.


I still think Deadpool's popularity rised cuz of the first MUA.

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I'm in the middle of aquiring the original on the xbox coz I never got it after Legends 2. I like both Legends 1 & 2 so I'm sure I'll like Ultimate Alliance. Unless they ruinate the sequel I'll like that too.

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I still need to know if Songbird does replace Ms. Marvel. Because if so = :)


Gambit was added to the Xbox (not 360) and PC versions of MUA1 through modification.

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Like Wizard was saying gambit, angel, hulk, ironfist, war machine, colossus were added to xbox and some to ps2 not all characters can be in one game due to lack of slots.


Check marvelmods especially if you have the pc version lots of character mods.

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there have got to be more characters for this game, especially since its based on the 616 civil war storyline, perhaps some villians and more x men (such as Bishop, who was pro registration) as well as Ms Marvel and Spider Woman


and im looking forward to alternate costume/swaps as well, im pretty sure one of Iron Fist costumes is gonna be DareDevil


id also love to see Ronin/hawkeye

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