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Favorite game of all time?

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I liked Alpha 2 more than Alpha 3. The other problem I had with Alpha 3 is doing the Super's. I never could figure out how to do them. I always was too lazy to research how to pull them off. I'm just not a big fan of this "groove" like system.

The groove system only got ridiculous in CvS2. In A3, it was pretty basic.


X was like Super Street Fighter II Turbo.

A was more or less like Alpha 2.

V was just ass stupid and I, to this day, pretend it wasn't in the game.


Dunno why you had a problem with the supers- the commands were the same as A2's?

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Sonic 3 & Knuckles


Despite what most people think or say, this is arguably the best Sonic game, with the exception of Sonic CD on some levels. I think the reason why this one wasn't really honored as much as the second installment was probably because:


- The sprite for Sonic was changed?

- There were save slots?

- The original game actually wasn't the complete game because the remaining stages were in another cartridge?

- The camera being able to keep up with Sonic now?

- The new emerald bonus stages?

- The new emeralds that were introduced?

- The new Metal Sonic that was created?

- Ditching many water based stages?

- A bogus and non epic boss match that was actually only just a regular boss made for the transition from Launch Base to Mushroom Zone?

- The introduction of Knuckles?

- New items that gave you different abilities?

- The new "flash" attack Sonic obtained?

- Being able to fly with Tails?

- The innovate boss matches?

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I don't have big problems with any of those things- my argument for Sonic 2 would just be that it was a longer cohesive game. Sonic 3 and Sonic & Knuckles on their own don't pack as much of a punch as Sonic 2. They really need to be together to stand as strong as they should have if S3 wasn't rushed out the door.


My question is thus; what is so special about Sonic CD? Having played it years later the whole thing seems less polished than Sonic 2 or 3. The movement is not very responsive, the boss designs are poor, and the whole time travel feature seemed tacked on- palate swapped levels substituting for a larger zone count.

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I doubt this has been done before, I know it's been with separate systems, but this is everything! If you could only play 1 game for the rest of your life, what game would that be?


I'd pick, Guild Wars.


It would depend on whether I had Internet access or not! World of Warcraft probably for the number of players if I did have online access and Guilty Gear XX: Accent Core since I like the chaos of that game. :peopleseybrow:

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I am going to list them all...

Shenmue series

Virtua fighter series

Broken Sword series


Honorable mentions...


Grandia 2

Final fantasy series

Max Payne 2


Tekken series

Street Fighter series

Resident Evil 4

All I can think of right now...

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If I was forced to chose just one it'd have to be Super Mario All-Stars. Not really one game I guess, it is one cart though! Or.. maybe The Wind Waker edition packaged with OOT/Master Quest and Majora's Mask :peopleseybrow:

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