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I think it's a good idea. It could be stickied. If it's all on one page then there is a better chance that people may read old reviews past page 1 of the reviews forum. Maybe in the future if we ever have it set up properly we can interface that into the front page so there is quick access from there.

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I would suggest getting a Mod to categorise it and stickie it.


We can separate it into different consoles/handhelds then arrange it alphabetically.


I can do all of this myself. But if anyone wants to help me, please be my guess, this will take long if I do this on my own. I'm already done with alphabetizing the reviews, I'm finished with page 1 thus far. I'll update my status on the thread frequently. At this time, I'm probably about somewhere around, 10% complete.


If you are looking to offer some help, PM me via 1Emu forum.

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EXCELLENT LIST! I'm surprised we didn't do this earlier. This certainly makes everything a lot easier to find and for people to read.


Just to let you know, I did make a few spelling fixes that I noticed. Other than that, I think I'll make a news post about this new thread soon. I really appreciate it and thank you for putting the effort into making something like this for us.


It also reminded me that several of our old reviews have dead screenshots. I think the next thread we should make are reviews that need repair. My original plan has always been to upload all the screenshots onto 1Emulation, instead of other websites, so the reviews will always be alive. Perhaps we will wait until we upgrade the forums and then attempt that, as the current attachment feature on this version of Invision Board is not that great.

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