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Wel it is a valid theory yes. So many speculations have been made around Gouki's character. He's like the "Wolverine" of the Capcom universe. Only we didnt have to wait as long for his true origin. Yes Gouki's brother is Gouken, they both trained under Master Goutetsu. Gouki was labeled the "underachiever" of the two. Gouken always had a head's up on him. But Gouki made it a rivalry, not Gouken. In many ways Gouki is the more intense version of Ken.


Reasons on character changes:


Mike Bison - American branch of Capcom didnt want any confusion as to it's customers thinking it was Mike Tyson, and, even though the character's name was changed for the game, there were too many similarities. Thus, we get Balrog, the *Spanish* African American Boxer.


In a way, just his character was enough to change all the other names. So, alas we have more.


Vega - Capcom U.S.A. felt that Vega was too wimpy a name for a godlike ruler. And this is how we play the "Name Game"! Vega's name was now switched to M.Bison. Capcom U.S.A. gamers were now privilaged to guess what the "M" stood for until Capcom U.S.A. foolishly said it stood for "Miles". This was very brief and later the characters name just became "Bison".


Balrog - Well, he got the short end of the stick. Last come last serve. Luckily the only name left after the Capcom shuffle was indeed of spanish origin. So it goes well either way I guess.


Gouki - There is a quote from the Head of Capcom U.S.A. as to why he changed Gouki's name. I've already pretty much summed it up for you all in the last post but I think Im gonna go look for it so you all can read exactly what he said.

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I believe you. And I know the "Real" reasons to why all the name changes. I was just mentioning that little story from SFEX that explained Gouki and Akuma.


If I recall it's the same demon entity that took over Kairi in the EX games.


Your statements are very true, but sometimes they actually make stories out of the changes.


Like they did with Poison. In america she was changed to a guy at 1st because they felt girls shouldn't be hit. Then when they turned her back into a girl the story America gets is it was a sex change! O_o


Nice thought.

So in SVC Hugo runs around with Poison and Bao whom both have sexual confusion. Bao was originally designed to be a girl but then SNK scratched that idea. :D

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Teamplayer, I havent really gotten into the EX series. I believe Street Fighter should remain 2D for all time. Even so, Capcom just gave Arika the rights to their characters for a 3D Street Fighter. Whatever that company did I really don't care about.

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hmmm, None


I don't dig capcom :rolleyes:


BUT, i happen to like "Rose" Seems to be the remotely interseting/visual kei char that capcom can ever design compared to SNK's chars.

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Sakura -the Cherry Blossom move is fun.

Rolento -Rolling, jumping, throwing knives, and keeps a grenade on his Taunt.

Ken -About as boring as Ryu, much better moves though. Shippu Jinrai ken!!


And Dan, becaus he's funny.

"Do you like to, YAHOO!"

"Get into shape with my new video, Seven-minute Saikyo!"

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