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  1. How do you do 'next frame' like you can in the other emulators?
  2. Untill the Kawaks version comes out you're not going to see to many but the guys over here made some. http://www.acsok.com/~vc/sprite-central/
  3. It's Goh from VF4:evo.. and I really like his design.
  4. 01. NAM-1975 02. Samurai Shodown II 03. Crossed Swords 04. KOF '98 05. Metal Slug X
  5. I'm not looking forward to any of those games really. But I hope some day DJ Boy or The B.Rap Boys will be emulated, both are old titles don't make sence why they haven't been already.
  6. Tekken Tag or 3rd Strike, played both games for over three years.
  7. 01. Final Fight 02. Super Street Fighter II: Turbo 03. Super Puzzle Fighter II: Turbo 04. Dungeons & Dragons: Tower of Mystery 05. Vampire Savior 2
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