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  1. Someone Pm me the link please. All of the links I get to are being bombed.
  2. Yeah I don't use DC ++ because I have a 56k connection. Woe is me.
  3. Damn, wish I had GGX Pc. Oh well. From what little I have played I really like big sword welding Cliff.
  4. The gameplay depth, the soundtracks, and good characters(exclude the Psycho Soldier Team) makes KOF the best Neo-Geo fighting game series. If I was to pick just one I would go with 98', definitely a Dreamatch there.
  5. Teh best and always to be is *drumroll please* KEN! or M.Bison
  6. Ryuji Yamazaki - pwnz ya fo free Maxima - Yes Maxima
  7. Kibagami Genjuro - definitely not bust. Tachibana Ukyo - definitely not bust.
  8. I haven't been here in a while seems like a good sort of members here. Maybe I'll stick around.
  9. Yup! You probabally are dreaming. What is that CPS3, CPS4? I believe its Naomi, but don't quote me on that. The rom I've been waiting for is SVC, I saw the pics and a few vids and that just made the wait worse. Now that the bootleg rom has been released I can say that it was well woth the wait. Even if Geese has no sound.
  10. Try this setting. It works for most people in XP and really depends on your video card. Mugen.cfg [Video] ;Enter the width and height of the resolution you want to set here. ;The optimal resolution is 320x240, but if your video card has problems ;You may want to try 640x480. Width = 320 Height = 240 ;This is the color depth at which to run MUGEN. You should set it to ;16 bit color unless your video card has problems with it. ;16-fastest, 24,32-slower, 8-slowest/worst Depth = 16 ;Set this parameter to 0 to disable screen stretching, and set it to 1 if ;you want to scale it up to fit the current resolution. Stretch = 0 ;Set this parameter to use a resolution-doubling filter. You will ;need a fast machine to use these filters. You will need to increase ;the screen resolution to at least 640x480 for these modes. ;0 - off ;1 - diagonal edge detection ;2 - bilinear filtering ;3 - horizontal scanlines DoubleRes = 0 ;Choose from "1" for VESA1, "Linear" or "Banked" for VESA2, and "3" for ;VESA3. ;Note: VESA1 is very slow on certain video cards, especially the newer ;ones. "Linear" or "3" is usually the fastest for new cards. ;Default is "Linear". Vesamode = Banked ;Set to 1 to enable vertical retrace synchronization. VRetrace = 1
  11. Well whenever I'm in a arguement with him I keep it away fromgoing to far, if I do then I just don't reply to the thread anymore. I wouldn't want a weird name
  12. I would have to say Street Fighter 2 Turbo. Even though it had horrendous pictures.
  13. Could someone hook me up with a tutorial to creating these things. Nevermind.
  14. Plus the addition of the attack system was an invitation for spam.
  15. Have they released any specs or a possible launch date? It comes down to if the companies will support it or not.
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