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Bloodrayne is a good game. Decent graphics and a great alternative to a Tomb Raider game. Lots of action and lot's of blood.


You all know Unreal. It's the game that started it all. First game I've ever played online was Unreal 1. Although Unreal 2 doesnt have the online features in it yet, it's still a solid game I'd suggest anyone to buy... ::cough:: ::cough:: download.


Ahhh CvSNK2. I love this game. My skills are constantly growing. Im currently learning custom combos with Gouki. Characters I've won local (small, very small) tourney's with - Cammy, Gouki, Terry, Rock, and Guile.

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Counter-stike (Old and New) *DELAYED*








Legend of Dragoon


A lot of games Im playing online and pc are delayed due to my cruddy computer. When it gets upgraded, it'll get better :lol:


Legend of Dragoon rox though with interactive battle systems, cool special effects and mfvs, and a pretty good storyline. :ph34r:

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Dreamcast: MSR - again. I love the game I just cannot get enough. I still have not purchased Project Gotham Racing as there is still a few more seconds to be shaved and kudos points earned in the first title.


I am desperately trying to get hold of Space channel 5 as well, though clearly not playing it.


X-box: Tiger Woods 2004. A mate of mine works for a games magazine, and I have been playing it for week and weeks. II think it was released (UK) yesterday, so I have slightly lost my interest.


Soul Calibur 2 (work).


PS2: GT 3 as ever. Soul Calibur 2(work).


Gamecube: Animal Crossing. Soul Calibur 2 (work).


PC. Half Life 2. Not the full game of course, but my flat mate had a copy from work, which we loaded up. Its maps, weapons and a few testing tools. Of the maps that are complete I can say one thing: ACE!

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PC - Natural Selection - Half Life Mod (best half life mod ever)

PS2 - nothing but I've only just bought it. PE3 will be on it 24/7 starting friday :lol:

GC - Super Monkey Ball

Xbox - Tiger Woods 2004 (love it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!)

Dreamcast - Ikaruga

GBA - Final Fantasy tactics, Advance Wars 2 and NES games

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