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  1. great guide very detailed ive been needing this for my controller
  2. captain n the game master i just wish i could find soem episodes
  3. memories... this topic has me thinking about the theme music for lil mac on mike tysons punch out during the jogging scene... classic
  4. gotta be the xmen arcade game or tmnt the arcade game iwould spend as mucj money as it took to get the end of those in the arcade thank god for mame
  5. havent heard but that would be cool if they could do a dc vs marvel
  6. im actually collecting alot of comics from bt and dreamcast games
  7. i have too many to use windvd for dvds vlc for svcd bins wmp for vcds realone for avi and mp3s i also download alot of rm
  8. old skool cookies and cream twix
  9. how does tekken run because spiderman ran slow on mame but great on other emulators
  10. pc vice city <---- i know im late but i just got it psx ape escape (now if i could only get 2) gamecube viewtiful joe <------ i love this game right now
  11. all the capcom beat em ups ( simpsons, tmnt,etc...) super puzzle fighter 2 super gem fighter double dragon splatterhouse
  12. definitely epsxe ive never had a problem playing any games except ultimate battle 22 and i just changed the bios and it worked
  13. only got the gamecube version and link with the great fairy sword is very powerful
  14. i think she was into him at first but then it just got out of control
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