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OG WW SF4 return.


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Too many ancronyms for you? Too bad.


Pretty much confirmed.







Am I surprised? No. Does Chunny look amazing? YUS


Edit: SF4 release date; Summer 2008 Japanese Arcades.

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I must be getting old.. my eyes must be going cuz I can't se shit in those scans. as far as how the characters look.

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Vega and then I'll give a crap. And no Chun Li looks freakish on the thighs and generic on the rest. And Guile's stance is like a wannabe photo model.

Claw/Dictator/Sagat/Boxer = Not OG WW. Their CE.


Chunny isn't freak looking at all scrub. She's looks pretty much like CVS2 + 3s.

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