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OG WW SF4 return.


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I bet she's got a giant clit. Like the size of a mini cock.

just like chyna!

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This is Urien?


Well, at least he can summon big balls. Hope it makes him happy.


Him as character.. uuhm no thx :D

Yes that's Urien. He's actually a pretty decent character in terms of gameplay and has an interesting personality in the canon, a.k.a gots some serious issues. Requires some skill to use. Nobody uses his Fireball special anyways, it's all about Reflector baby.

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This game needs ninjas badly.

agreed.. IBUKI NEEDS TO COME BACK with huge bust and bouncy cups :3


I was referring to the more badass ninjas in fighting games like Kenji kenji-stance.gif and Hanzo old-hanzo-ss4-stance.gif.

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