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My last day here........


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Well, my company have install a new security system where they can monitor any websites that you visited during work.


So, it would be risky for me to log in during work now as I do not want such records on me, "procrastinating"


So, with a sad wave, i must say my visit to this site will be severely limited save maybe when I go online

somewhere not in office (like my sis's home or Starbucks) until i have my own internet connection (which should be in April or May).


Sigh, i'll miss visiting here and the IRC channel now. So long guys. Will pop up once in a while :lol:

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that sucks. we'll miss ya. make sure to check in whenever you can. and when you get on live let us know so we can beat you up in VF5 :lol:

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Just like my workplace but they simply block non-work related sites, like this one. At least I have internet at home - even if it is at prehistoric speeds.



Hurry up and get connected at home L.S.D we will miss you.

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