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What Movie Did you Just Watch?


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The master. Slow burner best to watch when your chilled out.

Argo - Good.

Argo was great! Just saw "Bullet to the Head" with Sylvester Stallone... by far the worst movie I've seen in years. It was horrendously boring.

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Argo was well played by affleck who normally plays glorified yeehar roles, the tension in the movie was done really well and keeps you watching.


I watched something last night, ah high fidelity, jack black had me laughing.

I enjoyed it but then it turned into a bit too "lovey dovey" near the back end.

Just got a hold of killing them softly, and two space movies "cargo" from 2009 and hell from 2011 in german but it supposed to be a hidden gem for post apocalyptical movies. I tend to watch a much wider variety of movies now a days.

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After watching Christoph Waltz in two amazing films with Tarantino I looked at his film history and this came up. The 70 minute conversation between two sets of parents who's sons recently got into a physical confrontation leaves you spilling milk and questioning morality at the same time. If you're into good writing I'd recommend it.


Cloud Atlas

I feel like this is one of the best films I've ever seen, I'm going to cherish it every time I get to see it. The multiple plots flow very well with each other and they are always understandable. Some of the rebirths where a little hard to catch the first time they're shown but you quickly catch on after a rotation or two. The idea of the film (human connectivity) is beautiful to watch unfold. I hope to see more grand films like this in the future.


Django Unchained




Between this and "The Raid Redemption" I have to say that this is the clear winner. The writing is irrelevant in both films , but the visuals in Dredd just make it. The action in Raid is the best action you'll probably ever see in any film but the imagery in Dredd makes it more interesting to look at. Also



John Dies At The End

It felt like a mix between Scott Pilgrim and the old Star Trek series (the adventure's aspect of it). It was a fun film to watch but I doubt I'll see it again any time soon.


Kill Them Softly

This film made me feel like I was lacking in political or economical intelligence. The main plot was very easy to understand and didn't really feel like it was attempting anything much until the television/radio started appearing in almost every other scene. At that point it was obvious that the film was trying to connect this characters with whatever meaning the speeches being given had but I simply didn't understand the speeches to make any sort of connection. I'll probably re-watch this when I'm older or more invested in the themes.


The Perks of Being a Wallflower

The writing was very positive which worked against the film's darker plot lines (I had to read the wiki since certain things like child molestation where only hinted at in the film). It had me smiling and laughing a lot more than I expected it too. Good film.



This film is over the top done right. I enjoyed it a lot more than I expected too. Mary-Louise Parker is beautiful too. She's turning 50 next year, how in the hell is she still that good looking?


Seven Psychopaths

I can see how a lot of people enjoyed this film, I just didn't think it was amazing as most of them make it out to be. Just "meh", a very well done "meh" film.


Silent Hill Revelation

This film's equation boils down to this. 1. Show scary image 2. Exposition 3. Repeat. The imagery was amazing, and the final fight was bad ass. But the writing and any sense of cohesion (especially if you watched the first film) is all thrown out the window in favor of moving that character a long from set A to set B.


Silver Linings Playbook

A romantic comedy where both characters are supposed to be broken on some level on the inside. Very hard to believe considering how both actors playing the actors are above and beyond in the hotness scale. But it has its moments, enjoyable when you let your mind forget the little things, the writing is good and the acting is fun to look at. It's one of those films where the genre's stereotypes hold it down more than the actual film itself.



I watched this on a stormy cold night by my lonesome self with 7.1 Digital Surround headsets on in complete darkness. I shat myself twice. I re-watched it the next day in a bright setting with stereo volume at low settings. It didn't have the same impact. If you let your imagination run wild with the film you can come out with some pretty scary stuff, especially after each short film is shown. But if you are ever pulled from that the film just feels like standard jump scares.



I didn't grow up watching 007. My first 007 film was Casino Royal and the poker scene left me wondering if the film was a black sheep in the series considering I fell asleep in the theaters out of boredom while it was going on. Skyfall was ok and gave me what I expected from a spy film. The camera work in this film was phenomenal but everything else felt really bland bringing the movie down a bit. The logic behind the characters and their actions is flawed if you question it most of the time. The main villain took too long to come out only for it to turn out to be a disappointment (was he supposed to feel scary because of the girl voice or was the bitch voice supposed to express how ominous he wasn't). The quartermaster hooking up the main villain's machine to the B.I.A central network was laughable. I wish his survival was explained (for my imagination doesn't come up with something amazing it just spouts "bullshit" every time I question it). If I compare it to Batman then I can see why the majority can ignore all these things (I grew up with the cape crusader after all) and in that case it's just nonsense rambling. I'm just a little annoyed that almost everyone that has seen this film make it out to be the second coming of Christ. It's good camera work, but that's really it.



I agree with every comparison to this and Family Guy. Funny to watch once, will probably never see it again.

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