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What Movie Did you Just Watch?


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  • 3 weeks later...

Man of Steel. Surprised myself that it is an enjoyable movie.


I would rank the movie i watched so far as per below:


Iron Man 3> Man Of Steel > Oblivion >>>>>>>>>> Star Trek: Into Darkness

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  • 1 month later...

Pacific Rim - Had some cool effects and such but the story was kinda stupid


Now you see me - I didnt get a thing going on....husband enjoyed it :P


Oblivion - A pretty good movie, the story kinda drags on in some parts but otherwise an 8/10


The Conjuring - Im still scared of basements and this didnt help any, GREAT DRIVE-IN MOVIE!!!!!!!!

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Everyone on r/movies is head over heels for Pacific Rim, I didn't really enjoy it. I wanted the movie to take itself seriously but in the end whenever one of the characters spoke it felt like they were trying to add more cheese with every word. It also doesn't help that 80% of the monster fights are shown to you in the trailer. I expected more from the dude who made Pan's Labyrinth.


I saw Kick Ass 2 on Saturday and it fell short in the same way. The people in charge of the film had previously said they weren't going to do any of the serious stuff the comic did (I'm happy they didn't) but in order to do so they ended up sacrificing the aggressive tone the first movie had and it ended up being Mean Girls with guns. It was enjoyable however and I ended up liking the film regardless of my complaints, the jokes were nice :D.

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