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What Movie Did you Just Watch?


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Saw Last Vegas. It was pretty funny. Deniro and Douglas were fantasic. Kline had a couple moments and Freeman had his as well.


Just finished a few Anime series.


Watched Ghost Hunter is was really good. Lots of action and scarey moments. Highly recommend. Here is some info on it.




Watched Freezing which has a lot of action and sexy females. I really liked the series especially the opening theme music. I need to find that song it is really good.


Here is some info on that series.




I am now watching Freezing Vibrations which is like season 2 of Freezing. It is starting to really get good and so far it is up to episode 7. I can hardly wait to watch it when I can find it every week online...lol.


Here is some info on it.





Also watched We Without Wings. Thought it was ok. Though the being in a different universe thing was different and of course lots of panty shots in this one. Not my thing but still I guess the Japanese love it...lol


Here is some info on it.





Well that is all for now.

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Just finished the anime series NHK it is about a neat that is afraid of people and crowds and a girl that helps him become a non neat.


More info here



It was very good suprisingly. Started out a bit slow but got a lot better about 3 episodes in. Well worth a watch.

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Case 39 - It was ok, kinda spooky at the start but you'll figure it out fast


Curse of Chucky - Very gory and made lil sense but it was good for a horror movie


Riddick - Was good, had aloooooooot of SFX. Prolly one of the better vin diesel movies


Lone Survivor - Loooooooved It!!!!!!

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Elysium 8. 5/10

Jobs 5.5/10 (can't ever take him seriously)

Killing Season 7/10



Katanagatari 8/10 - seemed like a lot of filler dialogue for hour long episodic miniseries. Broke away from some convention like displaying affection between love interests and killing off characters.

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