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Ok, I have it now. My roms were in a different folder form the emulator. So I just needed to put the neogeo.zip file in the same place my roms were. Now I'm up and running, even played someone online. ANyay there isn't a neo geo rage version. From what I read there may be an special neo gro rage version coming out though to play it but kawaks works fine.


Just download the special svcplus version and make sure you put the neogeo.zip file whatever directory the rom is in. Most problems are solved by simple BS like that I find.


(Thanks gouki, you rock.)

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I need some help, I'm new at this stuff...I just want to play the game. I downloaded the special mame for svc and downloaded the rom. OK, to the point now...When loading the game I am still missing "sfix.sfx" "sp-s2.sp1" "sm1.sm1" "000-lo.lo". So did I mess up or do anything wrong, I'm almost there and i just want to play this awesome game. thanks to whoever responds!

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slow what? the download site or the emu?

the exe needs a key password to be used .


and the download was slow yes



hey James, do you know the password for the neorage exe?


I don't know what to do.


help please..

have a look in the read me in the NRX folder


but anyway here they are



Running KEY:





























After running once will not remind again

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The game listed below is just only add into game list, there are not playable by NeoRAGEx.

Dyna VLiner

Jockey Grand Prix

Snk Vs Capcom Chaos (b version)

Snk Vs Capcom Plus ( b version)

Snk Vs Capcom (Will exit when running this game)


neoragex final version doesn't work

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We need to listen more (and I have to admit I'm very guilty of this alot) but Svcplus does is not playable in any version of neo geo rage. NRX just lists it in the game list but in the read me it clearly states that the game doesn't work yet but theyre working on a version that plays it.


yesterday I was lost on how to get it to work too. I was getting tripped up on what was meant by rom dirtectory (i'm stupid, I thought it was the romdata folder or something) but obviously rom directory means where svcplus.zip is located. I didnt read through the posts because its 48 pages lost and got too antsy so I can understand. It's a good game and ofcourse everyone wants to play it.

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