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  1. Thanks for the replys AMD it is then I got confused that the intel seemed to have a higher clock speed but it seems that doesn't matter
  2. I'm looking to buy a new processor then buy the motherboard and memory to build around it (i already have agp8X graphics card and so on in my PC), for my money (£200) i could get AMD Athlon 64 3500+ or Pentium 4 630 3GHz, Which processor should i spend 200 pounds on?
  3. Yeah i agree completely, Its good to see a new game released for the DC aswell.
  4. I recently finished NSFU and also played Hot Pursuit 2 before that, Gonna try Underground 2 demo to see how it runs on my comp before buying this one.
  5. I'd also add Fighters mega mix and the original Sega Rally to the great saturn games list.
  6. I recently saw a version of this game titled [shikigami no Shiro 2 USA] I have the japanese version and most of the game is english language [ingame menus ect] apart from the games story line [japanese subs and speech] I'd like to know if anyone has played Shikigami with a english storyline.
  7. I had a Powerstone image under 100 meg and it worked fine, I also own the original and nothing seems to be missing the intro and character endings and unlockables are all in there the same.
  8. Maybe but i prefer the original music to the heavy rock version, Thanks i'll try the echelon release
  9. The current version of Marvel vs Capcom 2 i'm using has altered cdda (it plays Metalica and other heavy rock tracks) I prefered the original music from my pal version (but the disk is knackerd ) My question is does the echelon or any other version have the original music.
  10. Wow what a bargain Pure yellow sounds like nicotine
  11. I used to love Great Giana Sisters on the Amiga so I burned this game, To my suprise its pretty addictive (just 1 more game) Gianas Return and Beats of Rage have got me playing my DC again, I'd like to see some more playable hombrew games for the Dreamcast.
  12. Gigawing 2 ran on the Sega Naomi arcade machine (I found the cart on Ebay once whilst doin a search for the game) There was also a DC conversion, I doubt it will be emulated for a long time yet.
  13. I like the look of this game, can't wait to play it
  14. I have won a few games at this, although i used to play virtua tennis a lot so my tennis skills are good 1. Marvel vs Capcom 2. Xmen vs Street fighter 3. Xmen C.O.T.A.
  15. A chipped Xbox would be cool, and some games to play on it.
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