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  1. m1 is 9/2/1998 v1 is 9/2/1998 v2 is 12/24/1998 p2 is 12/24/1998
  2. I was wondering if anyone has this game with good sound or has a sound fix for it thx
  3. its at http://www.neogamez.net/ it contains a version neo rage that runs it make sure all your files are roms not bins also they have an update to the p1 m1 and s1
  4. Any new on a neoragex version for kof2k3 also I wonder if you can use neorage on ps2 yet cuz they have snes, nes, sms,and gen etc.
  5. I got the rom if you really need it I Just need a site i can upload it to also I have a working version of samurai showdown 5 for neorage.
  6. Is there a place I can upload roms so ppl can download? cuz I got working versions of cthd svc and pi etc.
  7. some more max mode combos kyo combo infinite uf,hk,hk,df+hk,d,df,f+hp,d,df,f+lp,d,df,f+hp etc iori combo infinite uf,hp,f,df,f+hp,f,df,db,b+hkorlk,f,df,f+hp,f,df,db,b+hkorlk etc
  8. someone just needs to get a hold of a mvs cart of svc not the jamma version and convert it to a rom cuz there is already a home cart version. Geese combo infinite uf hk,hk,f+hk,d,df,f+lk,f+hk,d,df,f+lk,f+hk etc while in max mode
  9. Im on 56k so if there is a place I can upload the rom to I would so you could just download it.
  10. svc does work for neoragex but it still has issues with the sound some and you can't pause with a controller also the menu in the game doesnt work except for the begining so lets hope game cop knows of a fix for those issues it plays alot smoother too.
  11. [ok i grabed the p1 rom for neorage but when i try to run the emu it tells me the i need to put in a name and a key i tried the exe i got from zophar.net but i get an error saying unable to load program roms is their a rom dat for neorage? ] the answer to the emulator is in the read me Running KEY: ------------ HappyASR A220-CC87-5884-0F96 EGCG D3BF-A6CC-3107-6A93 FGCH 1A96-17B5-2068-1BD6 Emu-Zone 6FB3-2BC0-A3B4-B5A5 ChinaEmu 196A-9B0A-9622-C6B2 EOC D363-BF4A-9631-08C6 EmuCN 8C07-C514-4181-3A4E EmuBar 864C-D13A-B150-35FD PPX A9EB-A730-DCF0-C2AD
  12. here are the codes for almost everyone and p.s red aremer and athena suck cuz you can't really combo with them Geese Howard l, l, l, d, l, u, r, u Mars People u, d, r, r, r, u, d, l, l, d Goenitz d, d, d, r, d, l, l, l "ROTB" Iori Yagami u, u, u, d, l, r, d, l Shin Mr.Karate u, l, u, d, r, r, d, l, u, l, r, r (within 5 seconds) Mega Man Zero u, r, r, l, l, d, u, u, u, r Demitri Maximov r, r, r, l, u, r, d, u Dan Hibiki d, l, l, l, l, l, l, l "Brainwashed" Violent Ken u, u, d, l, l, r, l, u Shin Akuma l, u, u, r, u, d, d, r, l, l, u, d (within 5 seconds)
  13. I'm tired of trying to rename bin files does anyone know how to convert them to rom files not rename them?
  14. there couple bios for the neo geo the zips should have these in it ng-lo.rom neo-geo.rom ng-sfx.rom
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