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My XBox 360 games


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Galaga Legions is badass

i like my shooter games but ive heard this one is very short,like 5 levels or something.

do you get enough bang for your buck?


Virtually every shmup has only 5-6 levels! It's what they do with them that counts.

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oh yeah castle crashers is out today.... tyme for MOAR MS POINTZ!

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Infinite Undiscovery - Crap. I literally burnt it, mere minutes after I 'burnt' it. I was really looking forward to it too. Repetitive, dull, PS2 gfx, unforgiveable slowdown even with only a few characters on screen, poor controls etc etc. Just crap. Avoid.


Tiger Woods 09 - I briefly skated over this one a few weeks back but I been playing it pretty solidly for the past few days. Just about as good as a golf sim is going to get. The graphics could be a little sharper but that aside, pretty flawless. Tons of gameplay modes, online, intuiitve club swing, plus a more traditional 'charge bar' for those who don't wish to swing with the stick.


Viva Pinata : TIP - Basically the orignal spruced up a bit with multiple gardens and more Pinata(s). I loved the first one so this is not a let down. Good stuff. Visually childish but mature/deep gameplay if you can get past that.


The Simpsons Game - I only grabbed this cause of my daughter. Being a big Simpsons fan it's a solid, above average platformer with sharp cartoony visuals and a lot of nice/funny voice acting and cut scenes. Also has co-operative play.


I also finally finished Blue Dragon. I seriously didn't lose one single battle from start to finish and I'm a JRPG weakling. I did grab the DLC 'Ultra Hard Mod' though so I'm going in for a replay on the higher difficulty level. So many small achievements to get yet. I think the biggest is like 30 points. A serious amount of replay value if you are intent on getting every last monster/item etc.

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