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Update for this week ...



- 230,196 posts (to Tuesday, October 30th, 2007)


19,804 posts to go until 12/31/2007 (the end of the year)!


Let's keep on working at achieving this goal. :naughty:

Okay, as far as I know, this board is a spam board sometimes (I just have to look at some members), but I really think that it isn't possible to post 320 posts for each of the next 62 days!

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I do believe most recent postings are all nice conversations in some ways or another. Less spam and more constructive and meaningful remarks and related to the topic too.

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If only I had reasons to insult again, this accomplishment would be achieved. All my haters are gone.

Who exactly were your haters? :rolleyes:

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Unless there's a miracle from the heavens....


It'll be very difficult for us to achieve the goal.



- 235,927


14,073 posts left to go until 1/1/2008

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