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Well I joined 1Emulation because of the atmosphere. I got alot of info from the various threads, and also got to see what alot of you are made of. I like it here alot, Hell, this is my first stop when the PC fires up. And lately, I find myself here more than I game. But that will change. It's just nice to speak with all the different sorts. It's cool to find so many different people who like the same things. You like a game that none of your friends like? You'll probably find a fan boy in here somewhere. I'm just glad to be a part of this.

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I think the bunch of newcomers are posting good stuff without turning it into spam. Kudos to them keeping this place lively.

I think I might fall into this category. And if I do, Thank you!

Yes, you are, and you're welcome


What the hell did I miss?

Lots of postings :( and my pic :lol:


Reminds me of 3 years ago. HAS IT REALLY BEEN THAT LONG?

it is. almost 4 now.

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