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Favorite games?


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Well, any fond favorites for the six four?


Duke nukem was is my top fave. I played through it about 25 times and played deathmatch countless more with friends.


I kind of liked mischief makers.


Liked playing resident evil 2 on it.


Mario of course.


Nightmare creatures was passable.


Goldeneye and perfect dark for more multiplayer


Liked making custom fighters to pit against friends in wwf warzone


also played south park chefs love shack and deadly arts with friends. Ah, I miss those pizza parties.

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Resident Evil 2

Donkey Kong 64

Banjo Kazooie

Banjo Tooie

Mario Kart 64

Super Mario 64

Pokemon Stadium

Pokemon Stadium 2

The Legend of Zelda games

Mario Party games

Diddy Kong Racing

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the one and only sin and punishment!!! :thumbsup1:


ps is killer instinct any good?better than arcade ki1and2?

The N64 Killer Instinct Gold is an abomination.

well that will save me a download. :)

ps the snes version was pretty good!

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