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  1. ucodes is not a feature. Meant to make certain games play more accurately, boot graphics, etc.
  2. Sounds cool. For me, MuNES (my NES emulator in 64KB) is being a pain to work with. In the most recent code revision, managed to increase accuracy without affecting speed (sprite limits are now adhered to, as well as resolution fixes). Unfortunately, that resulted in several unexpected things breaking. So now I have to work out the glitchiness in some games. Then VBA-M needs some loving, although I no longer have MSVC2008 so...... Plus, I need to research more into copy protections like Armadillo and Themida (used on some versions of Prey). Yeah, cracking is something I've been really getting into.
  3. You could play almost any game out there . Far Cry 2 should run good on that rig. Crysis is pushing it though....
  4. Sorry for the late reply, I only just noticed it now. Guess I have a lot of explaining to do. Rob, loads of things. For starters, the whole way MAMEDev collectively shows thier image. For example, some of thier developers in the past made some very harsh comments on how things are done in the N64 emulation scene. Plus decreeing anyone that uses a non cycle accurate approach, promoting piracy. Which includes N64 emulators, since HLE is done because of speed and aesthetic reasons. Looking back, I guess I misinterpreted thier image, and now I see them in a completely different light, plus now I made peace with MooglyGuy. Secondly, I noticed that optimization in emulators was thrown out the window in exchange for pure accuracy and nothing else. I personally feel optimization matters, and that it can be done without affecting accuracy at all. blargg's QuickNES and Marty's Nestopia is proof of that. Thirdly, all the n00bs in the scene. Its annoying when you have Pokemon fans constantly asking how to play thier pirated games. It really got on my nerves. Not to mention, working on VBA drained my motivation, since I knew the only way to fix VBA for good, is to completely rewrite the whole thing. Due to the code in the original VBA being so messy and badly written, it affects how things can be done. That has drained my motivation somewhat. And now the VBA-M team is stuck with the utter mess Forgotten created. Which is a shame. Finally, I got sick of all the arguments I had with the other emu devs in the scene over the smallest things. In the past I had arguments with byuu, only to find now that we share the same views. Quite stupid really. So the main reasons were: * Issues with MAMEdev the collective * Issues with optimization not being cared about * Issues with the Pokewhingers and Digif*gs * Issues with how convolted and messy VBA code is * Issues with accomplices. So yeah, thats it. Though, I got a lil motivation back. Recently I did some work with Spacy in time for the Mother 3 translation (VBA-M's code is the only GBA emulator now IIRC with UPS/PPF support, yay!), plus coding a installer for VBA-M the Windows port. In a sense, yes. Now he is sorta lurking in the scene, now he is another entirely different scene. Though there is a huge amount of legal risks.....
  5. Good they added Sin and Punishment. Best game I ever played.
  6. Its just lame bullshit. No need to bother with it. Just some complete fake.
  7. If your video card supports shaders, it should work perfectly fine.
  8. Not the most recent version though, which has been uncracked for several months....
  9. Normally, CD security relates to the checking that the ripper uses, to make sure the data it rips, is exactly the same that is outputed. Often this is in the form of running checksums on data sectors to see if they match. And if not, the ripping engine will re-extract the data until its perfect. foobar2000 supports up to scanning 4 times each sector and supports offset correction, so it is a real competitor to EAC and dbpowerAMP's ripper. From my personal experience, anything without sector level checking (or "secure mode") ripping, should be avoided. CDex gave me nothing but hell. EAC and foobar2000 do just about the same job. Heck, there was actual tests done on the accuracy of fb2k's ripper.
  10. Indeed. Most new games here cost $100 AUD and thats just for PCs....Xbox 360 game prices are much worse....
  11. foobar2000 FTW. Supports secure mode ripping.
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