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One more post makes history!


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In one more post, I will be the first EMU AUTHOR status holder to turn ULTRA MEMBER! It took a little over two and a half years and I've had a dam_ed good time here -- and look forward to 1,000 more posts!


So long, emuauthor.gif!




(Thanks to Robert for informing me of this feat I've performed.)

Edited by olaf
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Congratulations ... I wish the rest of the "Emu Authors" we had here would follow your path. Let your new found status be an example to them. :)

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Davis attacked olaf with a Atomic Bomb (704 str) and took off 20!

olaf has 0 HP left!

olaf is now dead, therefore cannot counterattack!!!!

You gain 1 frag(s) (0 stolen).

You gain: 1 EXP points!!!!


BOOM B!!!!


Also, congrats!

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Congrats on your 1000th post! Welcome to the exclusive club. :)


Looking through the list of members, there's nobody else due for ultra membership for a looong time.

I could make it thier by the end of the year. That doesnt sound too long. Unless you mean staff members, admins and so on.

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