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welcome my 2nd child to the world

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Congratulations! :angry: I hope he provides you with countless joyful memories.


Babies are so cool... so cute... :banghead:

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LEt's all meet at a bar and drink up! It doesn't matter if we wont recognize each other and it will be a completely weird feeling seeing all these pple you kinda know online in real life and all this will cause an extremely awkward moment and we might also look like a bunch of nerds..*gasp* but who cares, he had a baby!

I agree GC, Drink up!

Let the good times roll on...


*is he gonna say it....*


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Ezekiel! Do it!

Try some foreign names so pple can ask him, "are you from *****", and he'll be like, "Hmmm, wouldn't you like to know".

ITs the sure way to get the ladies!


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