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1Emulation announces partnership with ModMyDS.com!

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1Emulation is now partners with a rising online retailer: ModMyDS.com! Formerly known as "GetYourGamesHere", they now primarily deal with the Nintendo DS, but also several other consoles, including the Nintendo Wii. ModMyDS sells flashcards, modchips, accessories, and all the other items that us emulation fans love to purchase. Their services are very secure with 256bit Secure Socket Layer (SSL) security (industry standard) and they accept all major credit cards through CardService International and PayPal. Buyer reviews have also been flawfless so far on ResellerRatings.




ModMyDS.com is an online retailer for video game related items located in North Texas. Our product line consists of M3 Perfect, Supercard, R4 DS, DS-Xtreme, and Shock! items at this time, for use with the Nintendo DS, GBA, GBA SP, GBA Micro, and NDS Lite. We ship fast - normally within 24 hours of your purchase. We sell to both regular customers and to wholesalers.

Through our partnership, every month we will be receiving 1-2 sample products from their website for exclusive 1Emulation reviews.

Therefore, expect an entire lineup of reviews to come! :D


Lastly, this would have never been possible without a thanks to our connections with the R4DS Team and Vincent from the Sales department.


»» ModMyDS.com

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Well Done GC that will make the site more energatic.

This is definitely a big step up for 1Emulation.


Hopefully, both sites will use it to their advantage and we'll see how things prosper along. :D

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I don't get it. How come there are these rules about roms, linking to external torrent sites etc, but yet it is ok to go into partnership with a site that sells sd cards which are primarily used to play illegally downloaded roms with?

Personally I don't care, I'll download anything that moves, but it just seems a bit strange to me. I get that telling people directly where to download roms is an obvious no-no, but this is almost as bad?

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